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inline skates

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Thoughts on Buying First Inline Speed Skate Boots and Frames

When I was about to be fitted for my first set of speedskates, I wondered if I would be able to skate in low-cut boots too, but I tried someone's (Dan Burger's, in fact; thanks, Dan) and it turned out to be fine. I got Verducci V-Tek boots that were "semi-custom," meaning the ankle area was custom and the front of the boots stock, or so they said. For awhile I used some Mogema R-1s but ultimately decided they were not as good as mia Verducci (for me) and I went back to the V-Teks. The Mogemas ultimately broke down at the mounting slot, which seemed a poor design to me.
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Ironman, the Melodrama: A Diabetic Brother, Oprah Winfrey, a Herniated Disc & an Ironman Challenge

A few distant friends asked why I quit inline racing. To make a short story long, below is the answer.

Ironman the Journey

I looked at the freshly opened gel pack: is it gonna make me puke or save me from meltdown? My lower back ached at mile 7. 19.2 miles go to. This Ironman thing was hard.

"Midlife Crisis. I can't afford a Porsche."

"Lost a bet."

"Can't find Tour de France on active.com."

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A Skate as a Child's Weapon; Volunteering as Abandonment

I found a nice piece of writing today, oddly enough, because it mentions a child using an inline skate as a weapon against other kids. I opened the article, An Island in Costa Rica, by Tara Swords, to see the full context: 

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Basic Recreational (Rec) and Fitness Inline Skate Brands (Rollerblades)

Melanie recently asked on InlineNC yahoogroup. I think:
  • K2 inline skates (rollerblades) are a great option,
  • probably bigger wheels (90 or 100) for smoother roll over rough stuff, and/or
  • a longer frame for point to point roadskating, or
  • for tricks of course, shorter frame length makes arcs and spins easier.
  • Salomon makes great inline skates and has seemed to support them well, but there were some frames a few years back with problems and I think the company has been sold so it may be wait and see time.
  • Rollerblade is making some interesting inline skates but I note they still liked heavy kits when last I looked. The Problade boot looks pretty good if you get the kit with the box frame that's Mogema-ish rather than the earlier, thinner model we've seen bashed.

Those are my quick thoughts on that. i'll post this to rsn2 also.

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Strange Convergence: My Skates on Skatebay RSN2 eBay Most Watched

Ha! What Fun. Silly fun, but still. I put some Verducci V-Tek Size 9 (Size 41 EU) skate boots and some off-road inline Rollerblade Coyote Size 10 (which RB call 43 EU) up for a penny each on eBay auctions. I thought they would get some attention, but wondered how much. Well looking at the Skatebay most watched skate items which are listed on the bottom of RSN2 pages (at least for now; i hope to make the display rotate "some day"), I saw both of my skate ads (with the magenta borders). That's truly some silly fun to see different things I'm doing mixed together on the web. No it's not a huge irony or coincidence but it was still a nice surprise. OK. That's all. I guess I'd better pack and get over to my parents' house to be with family and wait for turkey and hmmm...graaavy. Skateylove y'all and Happy Turkey Day. Below are links if my skates aren't showing up on the hot list any more. Blake

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How to Relieve Speed Skate Boot Pain: Speedskates Socks Neoprene Heat Molding

Over on InlineNC there was a question from one of our team members about ankle pain with Powerslide R4 boots. Here are some links in case you're a member of InlineNC. I won't quote from others, but will start a discussion here so it's Googable:

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My Skate Progression

Was thinking about the various changes in my own skating setups over the years, so I thought I'd post them here and give other s a place to post their own histories...


1990? - 1999? Rollerblade Lightning TRS skates... (Bought used for $100.) I think they could take up to 80mm wheels, but it might have only been 76 or 78mm. I didn't pay much attention to what I was skating on back then, being just a "rowlerblayder"...

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