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skate frames

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Inline Skate Frame Position: Friction and Burning Feet!

My skate frames have been in the wrong position all year!!! What an idiot. I finally felt like I had the time yesterday to tweak one of them and go for a spin. I set the right skate frame further inwards - where they had been all last year when I had no boot problems whatsoever - set off skating and got such great leverage off that right leg that I almost pushed myself over in the other direction.

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More Thoughts on Inline Skating Speed Boots and Frames

Blake has posted the advice that he offered to someone who asked for help buying her first speed boots, so I guess that I could do likewise:

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Winter and Skating Technique

Summer has been trying to hold on here in central NC so I have been taking advantage of it as much as possible and skating whenever the weather permits. I have been using the time to work on my technique and hopefully building a good solid base for next summer.

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Easy Voting Inline Skating (Rollerblading) and Cycling (Biking) Polls

Here's a book style collection of several polls that I put together for easy flip-through voting. I hope you enjoy the polls and if you have ideas for more, please use the create/feedback form to send me your thoughts! I'm republishing this so it will show up on the main page, rather than have each poll show up. Each time I add a poll I hope to remember to let you know through this message. The newest polls are:

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Questions 165 &195: On Inexpensive Options for Inline Speed Skates (Boots & Frames)

I'm in search of something almost impossible: $200ish boots that are fully heat moldable and somewhat similar to my trusty V-Teks. I have been watching eBay to not much avail and am considering new old stock somewhere else. I have questions in this regard. I am currently a slow speed long distance skater.
  • Has anyone here skated the 2006 Verducci "Red" or Verducci "Black" boots with 165mm spacing?

Give Yourself a Brake...For Your Inline Speedskates

If you need a break, no, I mean a brake, perhaps Cado Motus has what you need.  The former Mogema company has a brake that's supposed to work with 80mm-to-110mm-wheel frames.  Personally, I haven't seen one of these yet, but on www.nettracing.com there are pictures with installation instructions.

eebee's picture

What brakes fit Salomon 3 x 100 +84 frames?

Can somebody tell me what brake assemblies (manufacturer names, etc) fit on the frames that take 3x100+84? The frame brand is Salomon (S-Lab). I have a Miller brake on my Verducci 5x80 frame that worked like a dream. I was hoping to keep it but something tells me we've already discussed this on InlineNC back when everybody switched to 'big' wheels, and the Miller will no longer fit. I am having trouble narrowing the search down enough on the InlineNC homepage to find the discussion.

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Verducci V-Tec Speed Skate Boot Stripped Threads Repair and Bolt Removal

OK with the Tour to Tanglewood only ten days away, I'm having troubles with the bolts and mounts of my Verducci V-Tec speed skating boots. Great skate boots and I love them so much I want to keep them going. These are semi-customs fitted by Doug Fessenden from Empire Speed several years ago and I keep coming back to them because they're super.

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