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Easy Voting Inline Skating (Rollerblading) and Cycling (Biking) Polls

Here's a book style collection of several polls that I put together for easy flip-through voting. I hope you enjoy the polls and if you have ideas for more, please use the create/feedback form to send me your thoughts! I'm republishing this so it will show up on the main page, rather than have each poll show up. Each time I add a poll I hope to remember to let you know through this message. The newest polls are:

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Inline Speedskates: Boots, models, fit?

After spending time with other skaters in speed boots lately, I have been feeling very fortunate to have a favorable foot-to-boot relationship! I spent probably 3-4 years putting my ankle bones through agony, purely so that I could skate in speed boots as opposed to rec boots (worth it!). So my feet have paid their dues and done their time.

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Skate boot laces

Looks like the ladybug laces on my Verducci V-Maxx boots are getting a little fuzzy 'round the edges. Time to buy some new ones. What types of laces have you found work well for staying put while skating? I find I have to adjust my laces about 5 times in the first hour of skating. I have my sock situation covered and have just the right thickness. Now all I need are some laces that will

Hello Skatey friends

Hey all. This is my first entry to my blog. Just wanted to say hello.

Recent skating news for me is the upgrade to the 3x100+84 Salomon frames after about a season on the 5X84's. My first outing on them was rough. My legs were fatigued much sooner in the skate than usual. I think part of my difficulty in that skate was also heat related. My second outing I felt much stronger and was really digging the extra roll you get with the big wheels. I've got the Hyper Mach II wheels and so far they seem great.

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Verducci V-Tec Speed Skate Boot Stripped Threads Repair and Bolt Removal

OK with the Tour to Tanglewood only ten days away, I'm having troubles with the bolts and mounts of my Verducci V-Tec speed skating boots. Great skate boots and I love them so much I want to keep them going. These are semi-customs fitted by Doug Fessenden from Empire Speed several years ago and I keep coming back to them because they're super.

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new frames

I just put on my new frames that i bought off ebay.  I purchased those 100x3+84 Salomon's.  I bought some cheapie wheels online somewheres.  I skated around my neighborhood with them and am quite pleased.  The 84 rubbed a bit, but once i got on them they flattened out.  Thats what happens when you dint train at all....you flatten your wheels.  I am even happy with the wheels.  I was braking quite alot and there is no visible wear on them.  They are the red clear Kryptonics.  I was kind of scared that they were going to be heavy old scooter wheels, but they are pretty good.

Frames: Specs & Personal Preferences

Frames . . . so many changes, so many choices, but what makes a really good frame anyway?

When considering a new frame for myself, I attempted to study other skaters and why they skate on what they do.  Many talk about the weight of their frames.  Others talk about height, some wheel size, length, stiffness, etc.

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