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skate maintenance

eebee's picture

Inline Skate Frame Position: Friction and Burning Feet!

My skate frames have been in the wrong position all year!!! What an idiot. I finally felt like I had the time yesterday to tweak one of them and go for a spin. I set the right skate frame further inwards - where they had been all last year when I had no boot problems whatsoever - set off skating and got such great leverage off that right leg that I almost pushed myself over in the other direction.

skart's picture

Magic Crystals for Smelly Skates

Since I have got my custom boots, I have been skating sockless and enjoying it very much. The fit of custom boots is so great that I found that wearing socks was interfering with it. However, the sockless fashion brings one unpleasant culprit - odor. Unfortunately, with a lot of hours of skating, the smell coming out from the inside of my boots could easily kill a small animal... I needed a solution. Luckily, Eddy Matzger has published this tip of the week on Inline Planet in the beggining of the year: http://www.inlineplanet.com/2007a-tips/01/2/teatime.html

sommemi's picture

Misty's 2006 A2A journal entry

My 2006 A2A story: (a bit long-winded, but fun to remember anyhow.)

***Before reading this story, please note that I skated the A2A on quads, not inlines. This might help explain some of my equipment 'issues'.

roadskater's picture

Verducci V-Tec Speed Skate Boot Stripped Threads Repair and Bolt Removal

OK with the Tour to Tanglewood only ten days away, I'm having troubles with the bolts and mounts of my Verducci V-Tec speed skating boots. Great skate boots and I love them so much I want to keep them going. These are semi-customs fitted by Doug Fessenden from Empire Speed several years ago and I keep coming back to them because they're super.

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