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30th Anniversary Athens-to-Atlanta Roadskate 2011

2011.10.09 7:30 am
America/New York

Registration is now open for the 30th Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, sponsored by K2, to benefit the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease.


See details here (and sign up!): http://www.active.com/more-sports/athens-ga/a2a-30th-anniversary-athens-...


The event is also open to quad skaters! Distance options are 87, 52 and 38 miles.


Training discussions and past event write-ups. 

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Brief Tour de Lions 2010 Report

This year's Tour de Lions was a hot 'n' bumpy one! Roadskater and I opted for the '40' mile option, which turned out to be 44 miles by my Garmin Forerunner 305. I thought those few rounds at Country Park were sufficient preparation for the Tour de Lions hills, but just like clockwork this May the Tour de Lions reminded me how far I have to go to be ready for A2A in October.
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Fruitcake & Cotton Fields - Claxton, GA Cruisin' in the Country 2007 (Century)

2007.11.09 1:00 pm
2007.11.10 5:00 pm

A2A is over, the leg-swelling is gone, the let-down has set in and I'm itching for another excuse to spend a long day skating. I am happy to find that the Claxton, GA, Chamber of Commerce is putting on another 'Cruisin' in the Country' (cycling) event this year. Blake and I, plus Keno, Mark Day and some other APRR skaters took part in this great event back in 2003 (on skates).


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