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Noob to Skating: Any Advice for New (Beginner) or Intermediate Inline Skaters?

Hello all, I'm new to skating and am looking for advice on how to become better at it--right now I only skate in rinks because I need walls to stop.  :P  Any advice or suggestions would be helpful, including where I should be posting questions like this.  Thanks!
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Basic Recreational (Rec) and Fitness Inline Skate Brands (Rollerblades)

Melanie recently asked on InlineNC yahoogroup. I think:
  • K2 inline skates (rollerblades) are a great option,
  • probably bigger wheels (90 or 100) for smoother roll over rough stuff, and/or
  • a longer frame for point to point roadskating, or
  • for tricks of course, shorter frame length makes arcs and spins easier.
  • Salomon makes great inline skates and has seemed to support them well, but there were some frames a few years back with problems and I think the company has been sold so it may be wait and see time.
  • Rollerblade is making some interesting inline skates but I note they still liked heavy kits when last I looked. The Problade boot looks pretty good if you get the kit with the box frame that's Mogema-ish rather than the earlier, thinner model we've seen bashed.

Those are my quick thoughts on that. i'll post this to rsn2 also.

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Inline Skating (Rollerblading) Drills from Eddy Matzger Roadshow Worskhop and more

Here's a book to collect what we remember about Inline Speed Skating drills from Eddy Matzger workshops and other places (Barry Publow workshops, elsewhere). Please contribute! Feel free to ask questions.
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Eddy Matzger Roadshow Inline Speed Workshop Greensboro NC April 6-8 2007

2007.04.06 6:00 pm
2007.04.08 6:00 pm
We'll be having a Greensboro Eddy Matzger Roadshow Inline Speed Workshop this Easter weekend, April 6-8. I hope that you'll come and have some bunny weekend fun with us while getting a serious workout with some great dryland and skateland drills.

Garmin Forerunner 305 Heart Rate Monitor HRM Transmission Problems

I've been using a Garmin 305 for the last couple of months.  Whenever I place my hands behind my back the heart rate data is lost.  It seems odd that the chest unit can't transmit to the rec
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How to Relieve Speed Skate Boot Pain: Speedskates Socks Neoprene Heat Molding

Over on InlineNC there was a question from one of our team members about ankle pain with Powerslide R4 boots. Here are some links in case you're a member of InlineNC. I won't quote from others, but will start a discussion here so it's Googable:

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Verducci V-Tec Speed Skate Boot Stripped Threads Repair and Bolt Removal

OK with the Tour to Tanglewood only ten days away, I'm having troubles with the bolts and mounts of my Verducci V-Tec speed skating boots. Great skate boots and I love them so much I want to keep them going. These are semi-customs fitted by Doug Fessenden from Empire Speed several years ago and I keep coming back to them because they're super.

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How to train for the hills of GA in a flat state like MI!

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on ways to train for hills (both up and down) when you live in a place without very many?

My particular areas of concern:

- Downhills - fear of out of control speeds and speed wobbles

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Ezee fit booties

We discovered these ezee fit ankle booties last year and LOVE them for blister prevention - especially with stock boots. They are a neoprene anklet that you wear under your socks to take up all the little gaps and give you some cushiness between your ankles and those hard carbon fiber boots.

Frames: Specs & Personal Preferences

Frames . . . so many changes, so many choices, but what makes a really good frame anyway?

When considering a new frame for myself, I attempted to study other skaters and why they skate on what they do.  Many talk about the weight of their frames.  Others talk about height, some wheel size, length, stiffness, etc.

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