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Paved trail

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21 Miles on the Greensboro Atlantic & Yadkin Trail: Lawndale Target to Strawberry Road out-and-back

Greensboro's Country Park was hosting the Triad Classic Chevy Club's 17th Annual Car Show yesterday, so for our still-delinquent training miles last evening we needed to come up with an alternative. 

Roadskater drove us to the Target parking lot on Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, and we parked close to the gigantic brick, former-Sears Distribution Center building and donned skates. I felt excited at the prospect of exploring, and skating somewhere new. 

The initial half-mile of our trek provided smooth-as-ice asphalt under wheel, to the trailhead behind the Target. Even though the beginning of the trail is rather narrow and bumpy with two-foot-tall fire hydrants smattered here and there, sometimes in the middle of the path, the trail still gets you from A to B away from shoppers and cars. Almost 2 miles down the trail we joined up with the gnarly, roots-ridden path near the Lewis Recreation Center on Forest Lawn Drive and headed off North.

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95 Miles: Smyrna, GA to Anniston, AL on the Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga Trails

The whole sick story started July 3rd, at about 9 pm after Blake had emailed the Atlanta skaters (aprr) list to ask if anybody wanted to skate the entire 95 mile trail with us, and be able to provide a ride back to Atlanta. He was going to give up on the idea at 11pm and told me at 10.52pm that I had eight minutes, then would be off the hook. Then Tom called. He could skate with us and his wife would pick us up at Anniston. Tom and his family came up to Greensboro last Fall so that he could skate the Carolina Century - pretty much the whole way with Skatey-Mark.


United States
33° 50' 28.9068" N, 84° 30' 57.0996" W
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Town of Cary to Complete New Sections of American Tobacco Trail by June 2009

Here's a notice from Joe Godfrey, Senior Park Planner, Town of Cary (slightly edited by roadskater, with emphasis added):

I am pleased to inform you that the Town of Cary will be issuing Holmes Contracting, Inc. a Notice To Proceed with the construction of the Chatham County segment of the American Tobacco Trail. We anticipate beginning construction on September 8, 2008 and completing the project in June, 2009.

As you know the project consists of the construction of a 4.68-mile long multi-use trail with two typical sections as follows:


New Hope Church Road at American Tobacco Trail North Carolina
United States
35° 49' 0.912" N, 78° 55' 40.818" W
Pittard Seard Rd at American Tobacco Trail North Carolina
United States
35° 50' 7.206" N, 78° 55' 41.1564" W
O'Kelly Chapel Road at American Tobacco Trail North Carolina
United States
35° 50' 49.326" N, 78° 55' 32.754" W
Durham-Chatham County Line at American Tobacco Trail
United States
35° 52' 3.8424" N, 78° 55' 56.838" W
Chatham-Wake County Line at American Tobacco Trail
United States
35° 48' 4.1148" N, 78° 55' 35.7492" W
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Inline Skating in Guilford County, NC: Parks & Recreation Website Includes Skaters (as Athletes!) Rollerblading

The Guilford County Parks and Recreation webpage has icons you can check if you're searching for a local park with a particular feature, e.g., paved trails, disc golf, horse-riding trails, etc. They have some very specific little icons, and the skater looks a little out of control, but I'm happy that my chosen sport is included here. Get this: they've even lumped skaters in under the 'Athletic' category, and not in the 'playground' section. Yay.


Piedmont Pkwy
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 3' 13.4784" N, 79° 57' 13.0104" W
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