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Bruce Rosar, NC Active Transportation Alliance Board Member & Human-Powered Transportation Advocate, Killed in Cycling Collision

Call your loved ones now. Tell them what you have to say. Call the people you expect to enjoy time with in the future, and go do that now if you can. I am shocked by the news of Bruce Rosar's death as much as I could be by any news of a cyclist being killed on the road. He was so aware, so alive, so considerate, and of course, so passionate about cycling as transportation, and the roads being made for human-powered as well as machine-powered use.


Apex, North Carolina
United States
35° 43' 44.958" N, 78° 50' 23.4996" W
Bruce Rosar (in Safey Vest), Cyclist, NCATA (NCActive.org) Board Member, Human-Powered Transportation Advocate, Sharing the Road
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Leighton, Alabama: S&M Equipment Company Security Camera Catches Tornado Video


S & M Equipment Co
835 Shaw Rd
Leighton, Alabama
United States
34° 46' 7.2876" N, 87° 31' 44.7816" W
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