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Tanglewood 2007

Hey Skatey gang.

Greetings from San Diego! 

How are things going?  How is everybody doing?  I got an email on the Tour to Tanglewood and decided to say Hi to the gang and to wish you all lots of fun.  I haven't skated since last October.  I have pretty much moved on to rowing (crew) which is really cool and lots of fun, not that skating wasn't.  It's great to be out on the water though. 

Anyways, have fun at the Tour.



roadskater's picture

We Miss Ya and Will Think of You at Tanglewood

Hey Mel, thanks for bringing up the Tour to Tanglewood. The time is almost upon us and we may not be that fast, but I think we're ready. And no matter what we do know that people's lives are changed by the money raised, and lives are changed by people riding or skating the Tour to Tanglewood as well. It really is a fine couple of days out with pleasant people feeling good about what they're doing.

As much as we'll miss you, we don't feel sorry for you living out there in San Diego, as everything we know about it makes it seem like a great place for outdoor exercise and lots more. I hate to hear you haven't skated since October, but if rowing is doing it for you, that's great.

Thanks for all you have done along the way to encourage us and to join in our skating fun, and to encourage me to finally get going on the Roadskater.net jerseys (with Alan Hooker's final push in 2005 providing the kick to get the project started).

Please feel free to tell us about your rowing and about the skating and cycling and other interesting things going on out there in SoCal. Thanks for the shout! Blake

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