collarbones en Lance Armstrong Crashes at Castilla y León; Breaks Collarbone, Abandons, Leaves in Ambulance; Sobrino Wins Stage 1 Lance Armstrong has crashed at the Vuelta Ciclista Castilla y León and retired from the race, leaving the scene by ambulance. It has been confirmed as a collarbone injury. I was unable to get video going today, so I didn't see it, but I'll post video links if I find any (not of the crash in particular). I'll update as I know more. Armstrong was there with Astana Cycling, Alberto Contador and Levi Leipheimer. It was the first time all three cyclists were to be racing together as a team. <h3 class="location-locations-header">Locations</h3> <div class="location-locations-wrapper"> <div class="location vcard"> <div class="adr"> <span class="locality">Paredes de Nava</span> <div class="country-name">Spain</div> <span class="geo"><abbr class="latitude" title="42.152971">42° 9' 10.6956" N</abbr>, <abbr class="longitude" title="-4.694350">4° 41' 39.66" W</abbr></span> </div> </div> <div class="location vcard"> <div class="adr"> <span class="locality">Baltanás</span> <div class="country-name">Spain</div> <span class="geo"><abbr class="latitude" title="41.937166">41° 56' 13.7976" N</abbr>, <abbr class="longitude" title="-4.245830">4° 14' 44.988" W</abbr></span> </div> </div> </div> 2009 injuries Astana Cycling Baltanás ESP closed road collarbones crashes cycling Lance Armstrong outdoor Paredes de Nava ESP roadcycling Spain (ESP) (España) Vuelta Ciclista Castilla y León 42.152971 -4.694350 41.937166 -4.245830 Mon, 23 Mar 2009 16:18:41 +0000 roadskater 973 at