DSB http://roadskater.net/taxonomy/term/3288/0 en Joey Cheek on Comedy Central tonight http://roadskater.net/joey-cheek-comedy-central-tonight <p> According to the front page at <a href="http://www.colbertnation.com/home">http://www.colbertnation.com/home</a>, Olympic ice speedskater Joey Cheek is scheduled to be a guest on <i>The Colbert Report</i> this evening on the Comedy Central network. </p><p><a href="http://roadskater.net/joey-cheek-comedy-central-tonight" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://roadskater.net/joey-cheek-comedy-central-tonight#comments InlineCafe.com 2009 2010 Comedy Central DSB ice speedskating New York City NY The Colbert Report Vancouver BC winter olympics http://roadskater.net/crss/node/1147 Thu, 05 Nov 2009 15:41:27 +0000 timv 1147 at http://roadskater.net