1959 http://roadskater.net/taxonomy/term/383/all en Café si vous plait http://roadskater.net/cafe-si-vous-plait <p>True <em>Inline Cafe</em> post here, nothing whatsoever to do with skating...</p><p>I think it was last Thursday or Friday when I watched most of the old comedy <em>The Mouse the Roared</em> on TCM. It&#39;s a really funny film, with Peter Sellers giving terrific performances as three different characters. But I didn&#39;t recognize who the female lead was and I looked it up on IMDB.</p><p><a href="http://roadskater.net/cafe-si-vous-plait" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://roadskater.net/cafe-si-vous-plait#comments 1959 inlinecafe.com foreign films (non-English language) independent film photography http://roadskater.net/crss/node/240 Wed, 06 Sep 2006 05:51:59 +0000 timv 240 at http://roadskater.net