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Carolina Century 102-Mile and Athens to Atlanta 87-Mile Route Elevation Profile Comparison

Lots of skaters have asked how the Carolina Century compares with Athens to Atlanta in terms of distance and elevation. It's hard to say but my impression has been that:


Gospel Baptist Church
5945 N Church St
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 13' 15.4524" N, 79° 47' 21.0876" W
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A2A 2009 38-mile race + 51-mile group skate

After skating Ragbrai 2009, A2A called my name.  My body wasn’t conditioned to go hard for 4+ hrs.  I was uncomfortable on Atlanta’s rough flats without a Chuck.  I signed up for 38-mile. 

The long hills and the number of skaters made time-based goal impractical.  I sought ways to win the 38-mile race, which included Dillon and Chance Martin.  They were among the top skaters of their generation and raced as teammates for Powerslide.  I averaged 1 practice per week, usually short and unfocused.

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Athens to Atlanta A2A Roadskate 2008 to 2009 Detour Elevation Profile, Distance, Route Changes

Here are two graphics I made to compare the 2008 route and the 2009 route for the Athens to Atlanta (A2A) Roadskate, for anyone who is curious. I imagine a very few people will be intensely curious. The first graphic shows the changes in elevation profile and distance for 2008 and the 2009 detour. It takes a little over 5 seconds to switch from 2008 to 2009 and then it should repeat to infinity and beyond.


Detour Start for 2009
United States
33° 56' 58.5564" N, 84° 4' 58.584" W
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A2A Results are up!

Results are already posted for the 2009 A2A. http://a2a.net/ Sorry. Too exhausted to write anything coherent right now! Good job everyone and thanks for coming to do the event.
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Athens to Atlanta Roadskate 2009 A2A Detour Video

Hi. Here's a noisy but perhaps useful video of the detour around the problems on Cruse Road. You definitely don't want to go there! The first turn is a right onto Old Norcross Rd in or just after a Construction Zone on Herrington. At the end of the video, you'll be set to turn right onto Pleasant Hill Rd., opposite where you would have come in from Cruse Rd.

You can try the Roadskaterdotnet youtube channel to see if the files have uploaded (there will be 3)...


Herrington Rd at Old Norcross Rd
United States
33° 56' 58.5564" N, 84° 4' 58.584" W
Bob Hanna Cir at Pleasant Hill Rd
United States
33° 55' 28.6572" N, 84° 6' 50.67" W
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