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Taylor Phinney Blogs Through the Burning Hot Hills of the Vuelta a Espana Tour of Spain Pro Cycling Race

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While we've been focusing on the USA Pro Cycling Challenge somewhat, the Vuelta a Espana is well underway, just not on my television. Well, neither is the USAPCC, but I've been finding ways to get a look in through the kindness of strangers. Anyway, I took a look at the Universal Sports page at the bottom there, which links to Taylor Phinney's blog here...


There's something very relevant about these descriptions of pain and doubt. Something very easy to remember, but easy enough to forget, so we go out and do it again. Phinney has a good way of expressing it so that even those of us who've never been front runners like he has can at least know we share some of the same emotions and sensations. 

On the page linked below there's some video and links to more, plus some photos of cyclists climbing and champaign explosions and such.  

Meanwhile, some fun in Colorado. I won't say the winner today but when it finished all I could say was "Wow, wow, wow, wow. All I can say is wow, except for 'all i can say is' and 'except for.'" Wow is right. It was a fun result, even if hard to watch, literally. The USAPCC on Versus has had some problems keeping their HD picture watchable...ice on the wings and all that. More later maybe, but for now, it's well worth finding a bit of coverage of the USAPCC. Oh yeah they had a 30-minute precap (a recap of the previous day just before the current stage) and it was less annoying than most for some reason. Maybe I was too tired to be annoyed. 

Cool to have the USA Pro Cycling Challenge going on while the Vuelta is kicking in. That Stage 5 Vuelta climb was brutal!

Phinney feels like an amateur at the Vuelta a Espana - Universal Sports (blog) -

Phinney feels like an amateur at the Vuelta a Espana
Universal Sports (blog)
His participation came as a surprise to some, as Phinney has generally focused on one-day races and short stage races - the latter of which, like May's Tour of California, were a struggle for him. Speaking of struggles, Phinney detailed his experience ...

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