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TdF Blog: Floyd Landis to Have Hip Replacement After Tour

timv's picture
Floyd Landis, Number Two at Tour de France, Needs Hip Replacement
Outside Online, CA -
July 9, 2006 | Floyd Landis, the American rider currently in second place in the Tour de France, will have replacement hip surgery following the Tour, reported Outside correspondent Daniel Coyle in a New York Times Magazine article that will appear on stands July 16. Landis has osteonecrosis, or bone death, a degenerative condition which causes severe pain as bone grinds against bone. But, according to the report, he plans to continue to compete after the surgery. ...

The article goes on to say that Landis's condition is the result of a hip fracture suffered in a training crash in California in 2003. This same condition, also referred to as avascular necrosis, also led football/baseball player Bo Jackson to need a hip replacement. Reportedly, Landis does expect to continue his competitive cycling career after the surgery.

While at the Outside website I also found that Chris Carmichael, coach of Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie among others, is posting a daily tour diary on their site. I had noticed that he was no longer part of the OLN team but didn't know where he had gone. The entries I've read so far were very good.


roadskater's picture

Floyd Landis Hip Problems and More Tour de France in NYTimes

Perhaps this article will deserve some time tomorrow for me to comment. I had really hoped to take the TdF day off to write about some of what I've noticed and see if anyone else had thoughts. It's been a very exciting time, or at least what I've seen, very interesting to me. Phonak's strategy is interesting and probably wise, and the next three days will be incredibly fun to follow methinks.

Meanwhile you may need to sign in for these links, but I think it's worth it. Sorry I didn't have time to review the articles and include some comments from them. Maybe later? Hmm. Doubtful. The Landis article is super in many ways and it's great to have seen video of him and to have heard him and Zabriske talk, so I can hear their intonation and see their wisecrackin' faces in my mind reading this piece. This is the year for Landis to go for it all. But there are a few who might have enough to ruin the party. The second set of links is a mild overview of what's to come, and worth a quick review if you're somewhat interested in the week ahead.



timv's picture

NY Times Article on Floyd Landis, Post Stage-16 Interview

I read that first Times article and was also quite impressed with it. It's a very good piece of writing and I thought it gave a lot of insight into the guy. He seems to give a lot of thought to what he does, and is able to explain his reasons quite clearly--which I suppose might follow from having chosen a life contrary to everything he was raised to believe in.


I know what you mean about hearing his and Zabriskie's manners of speach when reading their quotes. They're both very distinctive.


I didn't need an account and password when I followed the link from Google News, but it seems that I do now. But don't most of us have three or four of them by now? :-)


And like you said on InlineNC, today's stage was quite amazing. Despite what must be incredible disappointment, Floyd gave a good stand-up interview after the race:


roadskater's picture

Floyd Landis TDF 2006 Stage 16 Cracking with Style

"Ignoring it doesn't change anything, so I thought I'd come down here and at least smile for ya." --Floyd Landis

Thanks Timv for the link on the interview with Floyd Landis. VeloNews has that and one from the day before, plus other interesting interviews as they have all along. Chris Horner's daily interviews are fairly interesting too. I have to say I've really enjoyed getting to hear these guys talk and see their gestures...all of the riders and team directors interviewed.

Floyd Landis has handled it tremendously all along in my view, and I think despite the naysayers he's done what he was capable of doing. Winning Tour de Georgia and the others says a lot, but the Tour de France without last year's Discovery team protecting, and with sparse help from Phonak, it's a different gig altogether. When Floyd blew up finally he was completely without team help it appeared for a long time until Axel came back. At one point a Discovery guy was on his wheel, properly not assisting him, but it was wrenching to see.

Here's the shortest link i found that takes you to the velonews interviews:


Some of the amazing moments of the day, Rasmussen pulling another long, mostly unassisted break (for most of the FIVE AND A HALF HOUR RIDE, but he does credit his two fellow breakaway artists early in the valley winds), Levi hitting it hard and making a sweet break to try to bridge up or at least gain on the yellow (he makes it clear in interviews that he really wants to win a stage), only to be shocked later as Sastre caught and quickly left him, T-Mobile pushing so hard, Landis cracking and losing tons of time but still pushing hard of course, especially after Axel showed up to grit his way to the top with Floyd.

Sastre looks strong on his own and tomorrow he might break out; Dessel might try a long break as he'd better pick up lots of minutes tomorrow before the TT; T-Mobile look they could launch a Klöden; Cadel Evans has Horner working for him; and Oscar is really in a good spot indeed, or certainly much better than he might have anticipated mid-tour.

It looks like Landis would need about six minutes tomorrow it would seem to have much chance, and I don't see anyone letting him go even were he to try. I think Levi will leave it all on the table for a stage win tomorrow. He may not have any left but he's looking stronger every day after last week's "no i wasn't sick" refusal to take excuses.

The great thing about this year is that so much can change in a day!

timv's picture

TdF 2006: So Much Can Change in a Day

Great comments and analysis there, Blake. Yes, it is quite a remarkable tour. In a dramatic sense, the prior four or five Lance-dominated will-he-or-won't-he Tours were right out of the mold of classical narrative: Who is the protagonist, what does he want, and why can't he get it?


This year is more like an ancient pagan ritual from The Golden Baugh for selecting a May Queen or Harvest King or something. You know for certain that one champion will stand on the top step come Sunday, but on any given day it's hard even to say who the key players are or what the deciding factors will be. It's fascinating to watch but I understand those who find it unsatisfying.


From my point of view: I'd love to see Pereiro win, in part because it's so improbable and because everyone (T-Mobile, CSC, and Rabobank even more than Phonak) gave him no chance, and in part because he rides a Pinarello and so do I. Pina had 8 Tdf wins in 10 years (Delgado '88, Indurain '91-'95, Riis '96, Ullrich '97) but has been shut out since then. Time for another one.


Second choice would probably be Sastre because I'm still a fan of Riis, now his team manager. CSC has been fun to watch this year, and I even kinda like those goofy Cervelo ads.

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