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Teach me about Multiple Sclerosis

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I have to say that even after skating the Tour to Tanglewood every year and raising money to help, I know way too little about Multiple Sclerosis. I know Elizabeth has some personal experience that she may be willing to share with everyone (or she may wish to keep it for private conversations). But if anyone reading this knows more about MS, please post here or email me. I've added Multiple Sclerosis Research to the News section, and I hope to learn from that (and if you see an article you'd like to write about just click on the b beside the title. I also am happy to have a forum topic on MS, and might set one up for diabetes as well, since my father has dealt with this for over thirty years I think. Anyway, no real information here. Just an openness for people with knowledge and experience to share with us here. Thanks, Blake

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