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Teeccino! Kicking the Caffeine Habit with Alternative Decaffeinated Herbal Coffee Substitute

eebee's picture

My journey through 28 days of caffeine rehab has led me to discover Teeccino as a viable coffee substitute. I aim to be completely caffeine-free/withdrawal symptom-free in about eight days' time. Being extremely sensitive to caffeine and not having the luxury of taking a full two weeks off work to curl up and die cold turkey, I went first down to 1 mug of regular drip espresso (Bustelo or Pilon) per day for 14 days, then down to 1 cup of strong English tea (1 bag) for 6 days, and I will probably round it out with 1 cup of green tea (1 bag) per day for the final 8 days. 

Harking back to a previous life when I actually listened to my body, finding therewith a peaceful mind, I used to drink those roasted chicory drinks, like Roma. This served the craving for a hot cup of something bitter yet caffeine-free that I could put milk in. To my surprise after 15 reckless, caffeine-drenched years, I can no longer find Roma in grocery stores - it now lurks in the health food store aisles. On my way to pick up a jar, a sales associate mentioned Teeccino as a great coffee drink substitute that you brew.

Noticing the $10 price tag for an 11 oz bag, I left it on the shelf, went home and looked for reviews online. I was impressed by the company's website, as well as a seemingly independent review from another coffee-addict who had to give it up.

Today I took the plunge and bought the Mocha flavor to start with. When I got home I opened up the bag and took a whiff. Hoo! It smells like a raspberry chocolate protein bar (that's a good thing)! Honor Alexandria makes a good point about the heft of the drink resembling coffee. It's plenty bitter. From what I understand by the website description, this stuff is made from organic carob, barley, chicory, dates, almonds, figs and various flavorings. There is a gluten-free claim on the bag, even though it contains barley.

If they brewed and sold this at Starbucks, I'd buy it and not feel deprived of my Venti Americano.








roadskater's picture

Really nice read with a mild evil beverage

Wow. That was a really interesting brief on your quest for less caffeine in your body. Nice phrases in there too. I know that you have gone with less caffeine at times, feel better, then feel the call of Cafe Bustelo or Starbucks Americano again (often I am the tempting culprit). Slowly over time it must build in your system until once again you perceive it as a problem. Each time you quit you feel better (not meaning to write a country song here, or repeat one) it seems. So here's hoping this quest will continue in a calm realm of balance.

It's hard to imagine backing off to one strong Tetley British Blend teabag, or dialing back on the scoops of Bustelo, so I know this must be a tough task...but helped by feeling better of course! Making it a whole month or two will be a great test of how much better you feel and whether it is enough better to do without the little legal drug drinks.

Thanks for writing something as I have been otherwise involved in work and skating and background tasks on the site. Hopefully soon I can catch up on some topics I've wanted to share.

Thanks for sharing your struggles, guys. Skateylove, roadskater.

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