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Tegaderm - 8th day

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About 6 Tegaderm patches later... I now finally see a pink loop around the wound. It still hurts, and actually more so now than 1 day post-wreck. There's still about 1.5 inches diameter circle of goop in there.

I could not just keep the one patch on, for various reasons (and I was unclear if I was supposed to)...either my knee pad would drag on it and pull it down whilst skating (ouch), or the oozing would loosen up the stickiness of the patch, or I'd pull the patch off to clean it and mangle the patch in the process. In any case, I never saw any 'white exudite' - it was either yellow or green! Ugh.

Last time I had a roadrash turn green under the tegaderm, I made the mistake of going to the doctor's just to be on the safe side. He sneered out the side of his mouth to me in front of his assistant "You were WHAT? Rollerblading? Whaddaya think y'are - Fourteen?!?". He went on to say that tegaderm patches were basically like greenhouses and very unhealthy. The resulting scar after 2 years looks like a satellite photo of the Alps. Shoulda kept it on, seeing how healthy the new skin looks on this one.

I have concluded it's worth about $7 for 8 if you can get those smaller ones over the wound, just to have it heal more nicely.


Getting "patched" up

I think the repeated bending and irritation of the pads set you up for a difficult situation.  Considering you didn't let it stop you, I guess it helped enough to make it worth it to you.  I find all that goop and ooze so debilitating; I have to give you credit for hanging in there . . . Whatever that's worth!
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credit and sympathy

Well credit and sympathy are alright with me, Claire! Thanks! One good thing is that it's so darned hot here in GA (it was 92 deg F on Sunday when I skated) that extra layers of clothing aren't necessary. That helps.

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