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Television Weather Girl Skates Away Birth Pounds Preparing for Inline Skating the Goodwood Roller Marathon on Motor Circuit

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Let the hot button pressing phrases begin. This article is a true kiss-kiss but it sure does speak well for the benefits of inline skating! Off we go.

First, of course, we learn that Ms. McCabe is "never been one to shy away from a challenge" and is "back in her size 10 jeans and has just completed a 27-mile rollerblade marathon." She is of course, "loving life and despite juggling motherhood and a busy career." 

That's a beautiful life. Almost like a movie. How was the training? Oh you took your baby skating? Seems like it. “Every weekend, I had my rollerblades on pushing the pram through our local park and trying not to fall over.” Good job you didn't tip over the pram! Well no harm no foul. I'm sure baby wore a helmet. 

As for the race, with 700 participants, she says: “I’m not the best at rollerblading and I did fall over a few times, which was a bit embarrassing." It really sounds like she  did well and it's cool that she admits falling of course. 

Now if this were a movie, what would her husband do for a living? Either writer, doctor or...you guessed it..."Kirsty was cheered on by South African architect husband Renato Marchio and little Ethan, too." Wow, what a life! Woody Allen are you listening? Get the rights to this! 

But there are challenges, of course, with having a child, but she's up for a challenge: "Having put on around two stone [28 pounds] while pregnant, she shed the excess weight in just three months by following a sensible eating and fitness plan." Oh my! I want to read her book on the sensible eating and fitness plan!

Yowee! Losing 9.33 pounds per month for three months is way cool. I'd like to do that. But I fear I could not be as sensible. She said: “I don’t believe in strict diets it’s all about exercise and eating sensibly." I'm with you on that! 

Well so what's the exercise like? "Admitting to being a bit of a fitness fan, she attends three exercise classes a week ranging from pilates to body combat...." Well yeah that sounds like that would help a lot. I confess I don't do exercise classes lately, as in this century. Just skatin'. 

Here's a sentence to let ring in your mind!

The one thing I’ve learnt from taking part in the Roller Marathon is that rollerblading is great exercise and I will be keeping it up.

So lest you think this is some lame bimbo bragging about herself to an adoring fan with publishing connections, let's remind ourselves, is this an educated woman or just a teleprompt reader? Little things she's done besides skating: 

  • studying geophysics at Edinburgh University, graduating with a first-class honours degree.
  • intern at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland, USA,
  • more studies at Oxford
  • main weather presenter for BBC News at Ten

Of course she's a geek, self-professed, which is not always a bad thing, right? “I admit I can be a bit of geek but I find the planet so interesting.”

Just in case we missed the hero worship, the writer closes by calling Ms. McCabe, "the gorgeous star." 

No, I'm not being bitter or spiteful or snarky or any such thing. I think the article is funny just for how much puppy love there is in it, and I wonder, how did this become the "editor's choice?" How was there an editor on this piece? Surely no editor would let all of this pass without some toning and balancing, at least of some phrases? Maybe she works for a TV show owned by the same company that owns the newsie? I don't know, and I'm just wondering, and I'm not accusing anyone of anything, OK?

I am very happy someone who has her life so together, who is also so popular, has fallen in love with inline skating. We need more of that!

Love skating. It'll love you back.  


Also, here's the latest clip of Ms. McCabe doing the weather, and hopefully one with no rude comments: 



Editor's Choice: Kirsty McCabe completes gruelling 27-mile rollerblade ... - Scottish Daily Record -

Editor's Choice: Kirsty McCabe completes gruelling 27-mile rollerblade ...
Scottish Daily Record
“Every weekend, I had my rollerblades on pushing the pram through our local park and trying not to fall over.” The annual event is held at the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex and raises money to help children living in poverty. ...



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Goodwood (Motor Circuit) Roller Marathon

By far the most impressive thing about this story is that the Goodwood Roller Marathon attracted 'over 700 entrants'!

Somebody is doing something right.

Wow. Could you imagine if they offered a roller ultra-distance at the Goodwood Motor Circuit?

I'm happy for Kirsty McCabe for stumbling into inline skating! Although I imagine it might be a bit of a shock not to have your training wheels with you (baby stroller). Still, it sounds like she's well away to enjoying the thrill and benefits of skating.

I hate to break it to whomever wrote the article, but typically of a 30 lb pregnancy weight gain (baby included), only approximately 7 lbs of it is Mommy-fat. And not to diminish Ms. McCabe's achievement there, but she was probably rid a whole load of that weight about a week after giving birth. 

But yay for new skaters! And yay for roller-marathons somewhere in the world, with over 700 entrants! 

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Yep 700 Would Be Nice, and I Fell Better

Hey good thoughts on that piece. Yes if we could get 700 for any ultra event that would be great. Sounds like a fun time of sorts, but I have to say many chances to quit when laps are involved as you know. 

Yeah it's true that what she did is good but not crazy sounding like I was taking it. The article doesn't really say much about how much weight you lose (including the baby) in the process of birthing. 

Oh yeah I also realize that you're not in control of how you are presented once you give an interview (or not even give an interview, as online matter and even emails can be used and misused). So I think McCabe probably didn't know how much of a puff piece this might seem like. 

Either way, the main point was that here's a person who has really gotten the inline skating bug, it seems, has a friend to do it with, and is out representing the sport with good will. I just thought as I read it that this is more and more an incredible set-up sounding like a movie based on the hectic lives of the hyperbusy. 

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Did not go unnoticed...

Yes, it did rather sound like a rom-com. Only things missing were the crazy relatives, unusually large pet dog, or Owen Wilson. Thankfully those 700 entrants eclipsed my cynicism for once. 

I was thinking about what I suggested with the ultra-distance event and realized it might just scare all the other entrants away! And that there's a lot to be said for achievable goals (27 miles as opposed to 87!). Therein may lie the key to this event's success.  

I checked out some of this year's event photos, and noticed that helmets became fewer and farther between, the 'slower' the skater. 

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Ultramarathon Might Scare Them or Might Dare Them But 26 is Key

I could see a Woody Allen treatment (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000095/ look how low that imdb number is...impressive). Probably another movie could also be made by Mike Leigh (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005139/)! Either or both would be great, almost always. 

I think having a 26.2 mile (42k) distance is a must for a skate race (or a non-race that gives finish placements and awards) that wants big numbers. My view is 26 is where people get introduced to the idea of going further and get the idea that they could. 

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Or both!

How about both Mike Leigh and Woody Allen versions, for a Flags of our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima treatment? 

I'm sure if I really applied myself, I'd have a conclusion already as to why the Goodwood Roller Marathon had so many entrants. But it just now occured to me:

  • Helmets apparently were not mandatory. Many people find helmets abhorrent. Mandatory helmet-wearing for even just a few miles might put many people off.  Vanity.
  • Looking at the photos, there are many roller-skaters taking part too, not just inliners. 
  • Short, do-able distances, plus a monumental-sounding one to the average couch-potato. 
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Reports Vary and So Does Use of Native Tongue

Aye, I my eye! You might want to take this one with some salty grains, but here's another report with more details, true or not, about the "Good ward" event. Methinks I hear someone say, "Dunna, twelf honnerd mehbeh?" 


The event...


Also...the charity beneficiary...


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