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Test of Image Tags: My Goofy Fixed-Gear Funnybike

timv's picture

This is a test of using an IMG tag to include a photo in a post.

I have a fixed-gear bike that began as my younger sister's Raleigh Record, which she got in 1973 when she was 10 years old.

It now has a pink Giant-brand mountain-bike fork with a yellow 3TTT Mutant stem and Tsunami bullhorn bars, and a long seatpost with a yellow Selle Italia Laser saddle. The rear wheel is a 700c and the front is a 650c. The rims are Velocity Deep-V's. It has the original cottered Raleigh crank but with only the smaller ring. The rear wheel uses a Nashbar-branded freewheel-type hub respaced to 120mm with a 17-tooth sprocket and bottom bracket lockring on it. It's front brake only, using the fork's original cantilever mounts and a single Tektro reversed lever.

The picture is hosted on Flickr and it looks like I can see it ok. Can you?


roadskater's picture

Yep I Can See the Funny Bike and Whimsical Tree

Timv was wondering if I had image uploading going yet so I did some tests.


I am able to make file attachments and could allow that for users, but have not because I wanted a better solution (I won't bore you with details yet). These file attachments don't display as photos, but could be useful for short mpg or mp3 original content.


Meanwhile, some time ago at the request of kjg (where are ye?) I turned on image tags in the article posting filters so you could use them in posts if you know how and know where the photo is hosted. I haven't encouraged it because I want to make it where you can upload images or maybe even have a gallery of photos hosted here if you like.


But as so many things go, this has not floated to the top of my list yet, until perhaps today, which I was already planning to spend part of looking at various upgrades, changes, options, feature additions and eliminations, &c.


For now, if you use image tags, just understand that this feature may go away later, just like the photos to which they refer, unless you own them (and we don't want to use photos without permission unless they are part of an RSS feed making them explicitly available).


Eventually I want the photos that are part of your articles to be hosted here of course, so we don't get the red x when the image is gone. If this makes no sense, just email me and I'll explain.


If I get all of this going I might try posting or linking to a photo a day. Ha. Wonder how long that would last? 


Cool bike, timv! Thanks for asking about this feature.

northinsouth's picture

thumbs up

It looks great tim! hope i can get my single going and we can ride sometime


timv's picture

Bike Projects

Thanks Craig! Good luck getting the single-speed sorted out. By the way, the red 26" commuting/touring bike with the stuck seatpost that you kindly helped me unstick over the winter is on the road and pretty well sorted out now. (I see a Sawzall in my not-too-distant future!) Maybe I'll get a picture of that one posted too sometime.


I took my white Pinarello partly apart for cleaning and lubing yesterday and hope to finish that and get it all back together today. And I think I might finally have all the parts needed to finish the Big Blue Bike with the sewup cyclocross tires, after scoring a rear brake with the right drop at Le Cirque and finding cable hangers, barrel adjusters, and a seatpost for it in someone's junkbox a couple of days later. But there's no timetable for wrapping up that one for now.

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