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There's A Word For That

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I have been trying to find out if there exists a word or term for hearing a word or phrase spoken by somebody else at the same time I happen to read it. This comes to pass for me many times a day, and usually results in me exclaiming "Ah!". It's like some sort of audiovisual synchronicity.

Parallel to this has been my search for a resource that will help me find a term to describe a particular concept or situation, if a google search yields nothing. I found a reverse dictionary on onelook.com. This is effective up to a point.

There are many online articles with word lists describing concepts I never asked about, containing words I'm pretty sure I'll have forgotten when trying to impress people at a party three years from now. 

At this stage in life I'm over believing I have any original thoughts, so I searched "seeing word same time hearing", and "read word simultaneously hear", only to find recognition and understanding on spiritual or psychic forums. There's nothing spiritual or psychic about this. Somebody utters a word right when I happen to read it. Not five seconds before or after, but within a second, or fraction of a second. But there are a lot of people talking and I read various things throughout the day, so what're the odds? I'm inclined to blame lack of focus or inability to shut my ears off when reading, rather than destiny. These aren't particularly special words, but more noteworthy than regular prepositions or conjunctions (to, at, but, and, etc.). The ones that really make me go "Ah!" are nouns or names, like pigeon, Uganda, bundle and fortitude. I get an extra special kick out of homonyms. The most memorable was an incidental song lyric up on a billboard around Hallowe'en on I-85 in South Carolina. I was listening to the Moody Blues' "Your Wildest Dreams", and glanced up to read "Once Upon a Time" as Justin Hayward sang it. 


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