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Three Hours of Sleep, Some Junior Hamburgers, Yahoo! Mail Crash, Let's Go Skate!

roadskater's picture

What a crazy day. After a meeting in the early morning, I came back to check on an order I was trying to fill for a company who needed several dozen Robin Safety Boy Emergency Scissors. Changes in shipping, locations, quantities and availability had me trying to juggle a combination of calls and emails.

Then there was a glitch in Yahoo! Mail which made things really tricky for an hour or so. I perhaps rely on Yahoo! Mail a bit much. I have in the past used an open source program (YahooPops I think it was) to grab the Yahoo! Mail via POP and bring it into a local email program. It might be time to set this up again!

I clicked the links to send a report of the error codes to tech support, and my Yahoo! Mail started working soon after that. The next time I have the same problems accessing my Inbox (this is very rare), I'll click this link sooner. It seemed to make a difference.

So I toasted a lot of the day on business when I had dreamt of going out in midmorning to try some under-Anaerobic Threshold skating. My general perception of my AT is somewhere from 154-156...probably on the low end this time of year. (In my simple version of the definition of anaerobic threshold, this is the average heartrate I can sustain over long events of over a couple of hours when going as hard as I can go and still finish; So for those who do A2A, their average heart rate from A2A might be a good start, but by the next spring it may be irrelevant. You can pay money to find out a more accurate figure in a lab.)

On the way up to the park it dawned on me I really had not eaten anything and, OK, I was in a hurry, so I did got some Junior Hamburgers from Wendy's (nothing else). Ha! To wash all of that down, I went to the convenience store just north of the Orman Rd entrance to get a chilled gallon of spring water so I could mix some skaterade for some carbs.

Well, of course, after a somewhat spanky Tuesday night skate, heavy food, no time to digest, and the 4:30p heat, I was skating in sand and after 30 minutes I decided to sit on a bench awhile and take it easy, then maybe try again later. Things weren't helped by my having worked late the night before...very late...but I got lots of good stuff done, OK? 

I tried the sub-AT thing but Greensboro Country Park is at least moderately hilly I'd say, and thrown in with all my other excuses, it wasn't happening. So I had to adjust my goals. I decided to go for a fatburner roughly between 70% and 85% of my "available" heart rate (70% to 85% of the way from my resting to my max, or roughly from 148 to 169). That was a mostly achievable goal, and I was even trying to keep it down below 162. 

I did another 30 minutes in this mode, and by then the temps had cooled considerably, so it was an OK workout after all.


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Hot Weather in the South this Week

Well it is going to be hot (90s+) in the South the remainder of this week, which means if you can't get out to skate early a.m. when the ozone/smog levels are down, you might be better off doing a nightskate!


Blake was trying to help me feel better about myself as I was struggling up some horrible hills last night and had to stop many times to get my heart-rate back down and avoid passing-out (whadda wimp!). He was saying "It's hot out here today! You're not getting much oxygen to your muscles! Don't worry about it - you're doing better than you think". But all I could say was "I suck! I'm so out of shape! I have put on weight and can't get up this stinking hill!". My wheeze-zone levels were high.


The temps were in the 90s. This morning I can see Blake had a point and it was just too hot & muggy.

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