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TimV Sweeps at Up2Speed 25 mile Greensboro Depot Ride

roadskater's picture

Just a quick note of thanks to timv for coming out on his bike to sweep the GVC ride so I could skate safely. Without any other skaters, I likely would not have lasted long.

In fact, it turned out later that we found my rear right wheel was being torqued enough by my brake frame that the skate frame had rubbed much of the side of the wheel off. The logo text was mostly gone from the side of the wheel. I will have to keep an eye on that.

We departed from the Greensboro Depot, going north to Market Street the right, through rough pavement and construction and into a 16 mph wind (or that was the predicted wind speed). The GVC bunch waited once then figured out from our jerseys and comments that timv was sweeping me so they went on at some point without announcement.

It's always good to let someone know when you are officially not waiting any more so they can stop chasing. Of course, I fail to follow my own standards regularly!

Once we got to Harvest Road I had decided to stop chasing in vain and checked with timv on the pace. He was totally content to go whatever speed, so we took the rest of the day at a more sustainable heart rate for me. I had been spending much time over 90% from resting to max, and very little under 80%.

Once out in the country we had a nice time on great roads with not much traffic, and none of it rude. I hope to have some photos to add to this article later.

There's more to say, but no time now, so let me just end with thanks to timv and to GVC for allowing us to come out. The GVC folk are always nice and they knew I had a teammate sweeping, so it's all good.


timv's picture

It was a really nice afternoon on some really nice roads

Thanks for the props, Blake. I enjoyed that Sunday afternoon very much. And counting in the riding from home to The Depot and back, I did 38.5 miles that day on a coaster-brake beach cruiser bike, so I had no problem with matching your pace on the 25.5 we did together. It turned out to be a very pleasant outing. And the Cajun calimari at Natty Greene's was also a most excellent discovery that day too.


roadskater's picture

Natty Greene's Cajun Calamari After Historic Greensboro Skate

Yes, it's true. We did another route development skate this weekend...eight miles at a nice easy pace with heart rate monitor frustrations (more on all these subjects later), and the happy last stop was Natty Greene's. I was intent upon the Cajun Calamari after last week's experience. The homemade potato chips were good and a decent bargain in fact, but the Cajun Calamari was surprisingly great.

The route still needs work, as there are too many downs to stops just now, but the start and finish are in good order. Hopefully I'll have some time to work on the route more soon and then we'll try this as a weekend night skate perhaps...a down2slow skride...a skateylove roll.

eebee's picture

Cajun Calamari

Oh yer killin' me with all this talk about the squid - stomach rumble. It was so good that those of us who ordered other menu items soon realized we'd made a big mistake! I hope they keep that item on the menu at least until I've had a chance to go back and order a whole plate for myself!

roadskater's picture

Stingy Is the Squid Word

It's true, I was less than generous in my offers of samplings to my fellow gastronauts. It is definitely the meal, not the preface. I did, however, offer to go in on the cost of an additional order for our trio to enjoy outside in the warm sun. Yum.

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