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Tour de Georgia 2009 Pro Cycling Race Flats Out

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It looks like I'll have a bit of extra free time, sadly, and a bit less life, particularly the life of watching cycling via internet streaming video...for 2009 at least. In the year that Lance Armstrong may be coming back, it seems he won't be coming back to the Tour de Georgia because it won't be there according to the foundation that owns the tour. 

This is a bit of a shocker to me as it seems that some company out there with bailout money could spend $3.3 million on it, no problem! That's apparently nothing for the party guys who put together derivitive investment products based entirely on ignoring anything that diminishes pleasure in receiving a commission. I say give my part of the bailout to Dodge and let them sponsor the Tour de Georgia like in some previous years. That's a big 3 move I could support.

I don't think this is a ploy from the Tour de Georgia to get a commitment from some corporate sponsors or from Armstrong, or both...but it could be. I wonder if this is the final final word or the come on and make an offer final word. Probably final final. 

Even if Armstrong had committed to the race, it may not have been enough. It takes about $3.3 million to put on the race, Jacobs said. AT&T agreed to be the title sponsor for 2007 and paid $500,000. The state of Georgia also contributed $400,000. The race then secured eight other “founding sponsors” and 18 “official” sponsors.

AT&T did not commit for this year and organizers never even approached the state.

“I don’t think it would be wise for us to expect the state would be in again for $400,000, doing the kind of cuts they’re doing across other agencies,” Jacobs said. “Rather than press the issue, we thought it made more sense to target returning in 2010.”

What an opportunity for North Carolina to jump in with a tour if the state had the muscle in the tourism budget and if, say, Bank of America has a few million left after picking off Merill Lynch. Seems like $3.3 million would generate that much in business, and a Beech Mountain finish would be a sweet reminder for Lance Armstrong of earlier comeback glory, perhaps. Dreamer. I know.


Economy kills bike tour - Atlanta Journal Constitution -

Economy kills bike tour
Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA - Nov 15, 2008
Trickle-down effects: Tour de Georgia’s cancellation is one of several sporting event casualties caused by a sour economy. By Ronnie Ramos For the second ...
[Bicycle Touring]


Switchbacks on NC-184 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, North Carolina
United States
36° 10' 51.366" N, 81° 52' 17.2884" W


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that's a shame

That's sad! I'll have to find another excuse to go up Brasstown Bald next year.
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Tour de Georgia Support Petition Now Online

KennyJ of APRR found this petition and it seems like an OK thing to do so I thought I'd pass it along. It's in support of keeping the Tour de Georgia going in 2010 after taking 2009 off. Too bad there's no way apparently to get it going for 2009. Better still would be to move the whole thing to North Carolina! Here's the link... http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/save-the-tour-de-georgia I'm not sure how much private info they want for you to be able to sign, but I thought others would want to know.

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