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Tour de Guilford, Bike Ride, June 14 2008, Greensboro NC, $20

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We're considering this one. Likely the 34. Call any time before midnight or after 7a for confirmation if it matters whether we're there. Inexpensive and likely to be a relaxed group. Starts at Country Park!

Note: it's not easy to skwalk from the road to the shelter, so skaters and those who love their cleats obsessively may want to walk over in street shoes to register before donning the gear.

Registration begins at 8a.


===== This from a note from member, John H.

The Tour de Guilford is back, Saturday, June 14. Looks like the weather will be perfect for our ride.

Plan to join the GVC for this road and mountain bike ride to benefit Bicycling in Greensboro celebrate the opening of the Wild Turkey trail.

Profits will go to BIG to help make our area more Bicycle Friendly.

The road ride includes 23, 34 and 62 mile marked routes. The off road ride includes the Wild Turkey Trail, the area's latest mountain bike trail.

Ride start time is 9 AM, with registration starting at 8 AM. Registration and lunch will be at Country Park Shelter #7, which is near "The Zone" and the entrance to the park loop at Jaycee Park. Park in the Jaycee Park Parking lot at the North end of the lot, past the tennis center.

Only $20 for a supported marked ride with Lunch after. $15 for GVC Members. Please come out.


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Tour de Guilford 2008 Review

If you were out training (running, cycling, skating, etc.) in the southeastern states of the USA this past Saturday, June 14th 2008, I'm sure you sweltered and baked like the three of us did at the Tour de Guilford. The Bicycling in Greensboro (BIG) group was kind enough to let Blake, Andy and me take part on skates in their event, and we started out with all the cyclists. I think we got about a mile into the course before we were officially last for the rest of the day.

It was just horribly hot.

The three of us did alright until about 17 miles in with no rest stop. There was no mileage on the cue sheet (we did the 34 miler, which turned out to be a 36 miler) so we had no idea when to expect the rest stop oasis. Approaching Oak Ridge Fire Station, opposite soon-to-be Oak Ridge Park, Blake asked if any of us wanted to stop for water, since he and I had run out. Andy still had some in his Camelbak, I believe, but no ice.

The decision was yes, we should stop and ask the nice firemen for water. Well the place was open yet deserted, and we were temporarily thankful for cool, breezy shade. After searching the empty hangar to no avail for a water source, we found a huge metal ice maker and started loading up our bottles with the ice cubes as if they were gold coins. I mentioned something to Andy about feeling like a convenience-store thief.

Did I mention it was boiling hot outside?

We carried on past mile 20...21...gasp...22, until finally in the town of Summerfield we read glorious blue letters on the crossroads asphalt: --> REST STOP!! -->. We charged towards the town fire station by deviating half a mile from the 34 mile course. Unfortunately that 1/2 mile to the fire station was all downhill, meaning a hard slog afterwards to get back up to the main road to continue the course.

Feeling a bit twilight-zonish we rolled up to yet another deserted fire station with no sign of rest stop support. However, this one also had a big ice machine, air conditioned bathrooms, cooled water fountains and a gym bench for me to sit on and watch Blake stuff ice cubes down his jersey and up his shorts. After an eternity we set off back up the road loaded with water, but Blake and I had no electrolytes, which I didn't notice until the nausea hit me about 3 miles later.

After a quarter mile, Blake realized he had left his palm sliders at the fire station, so he went back to get them on his own, which boosted his finish mileage up to 37! Andy and I waited in the shade, and made the most of sitting and stretching.

I don't remember much else to be honest, as I was just holding on trying not to get hit by a car during the climb back into Greensboro on busy roads. I was not that enamoured of the route, but if I start and end in town what do I expect?

I do remember the ice melting in Blake's clothes, running down his legs into his skates, squelching through his socks and out into carved streaks on the pavement via his wheels.

We stopped at a convenience store for electrolytes, calories and weird looks, and sat there for about another 20 minutes. At this point I'd had time to come to terms with the rest stop rejection and was just happy to make it back to Country Park.

We got back to the park just in time to get some sub sandwiches from the ride volunteers before they jettisoned the food. I was a bit dejected when I realized our finish time for 36 miles was about the same for my first ever Athens to Atlanta 'half distance' in the torrential rain (38 miles) in 1999, after a mere 4 months of skating. I'm not going to put the time but if you're curious enough you can go look it up on A2A.net, and while you're there you can sign up for the event this October :-).

Looking at my Garmin Forerunner 305 records for the Tour de Guilford, we climbed about 4,644 feet! This is a good 1,500 feet more than one of the Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries days. Considering all the climbing, the heat (over 90 deg F), the cramps, the high heart rates and absence of rest stops, I think we did alright.

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