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Tour de Jordan Lake and Tour de Falls Lake: New Events for Roadskater.net and the Triangle Skate Club?

MikeB's picture

Okay so maybe these events are not of the official organized variety but the possibility exists. (Originally posted June 19, 2008 @ 7:05pm)

The Triangle Skate Club has weekly events/skates, with a couple on Saturdays.  Usually there's a get together in the Apex NC area and another group in the North Raleigh / Wake Forest NC area.  Recently the North Raleigh / Wake Forest skate took 4 skaters on a tough country road route around Falls Lake and included a dip in the lake itself.  Sans skates of course.  The dip was probably out of necessity since the thermometer was reading 101 degrees!  Enter the birth of the "skate and swim."  You can see additional details at  http://gatorback.wordpress.com/2008/06/07/skate-and-swim/

This skate and swim would have been much more preferable than going to the Cherry Point Air Show in Havelock NC where the tarmac temperature was reading 107 and water was $3/bottle.  OUCH.  I'm still in shock over that one.

I was determined not to miss the next event which took place last Saturday in the Apex area.  It turned out to be the new Tour de Jordan Lake.  It started at Apex Elementary with an 18 mile jaunt out into the country and arriving at Jordan Lake for a little nourishment followed by a swim.  Once out of the water it was a 2 minute drying time, then back on with the skates and another 18 miles back to our starting point.  It was a complete blast.

Now here's an idea:  What if we signed up a sponsor or two and/or brought in a couple non-profits to promote a skride?  Plus invite vendors to set up booths/tents/tables.   We could start at the lake(s), Falls or Jordan, chart  courses out in the country (25K, 50K, 100K, etc.) then finish back at the lake to a throng of volunteers and well wishers, of course ready with drinks and BBQ at one of the large pavilions, with the lake as a backdrop and swimming hole.  I can picture that.......hope you can too.

How cool would it be to have this skride be a charity event for a local person or family down on their luck or suffering through a tragedy, or perhaps the event could be done for a children's hospital or The Cancer Society or The Make-a-Wish Foundation,  who knows?  I'm just tossin' out ideas.

Now, here's the trick........how do we make that happen?

Please share your thoughts and ideas.  With technology today (www.meetup.com; www.linkedin.com; etc.) it's easier than ever to believe in the "six degrees of separation" theory - and ya never know.  This idea could turn into a reality.



North Carolina
United States
35° 44' 15.9684" N, 79° 1' 33.8052" W


eebee's picture

Necessary Dip

Sounds like that dip was needed! 101 Deg F. Wow. And the airshow sounded like fun too, but not at 107 deg F!! Is that the asphalt-melting point?! Sounds like you have what it takes to put on an event - vision and energy.
MikeB's picture

Skate & Swim Skrides

Maybe that was the asphalt melting around my sneaks. I just thought I was stepping in licorice gum. The jet-truck was cool - topped 304mph that day. Don't know if I have what it takes to put on a Skride/Swim event but I sure could picture it. I'm hoping others can too and perhaps the vision catches fire. There are so many needy charities out there - sure would be nice to hand one a nice check.
roadskater's picture

Vision and Deciding and Doing

Nice write-up, MikeB. Glad you're pumped about the skate and swim. Maybe you can build it up like you said with meetup. I have a few pet ideas that I've never done and some are not ready to be done, but I'm glad you have the skate fever and event fever. You have lots of skaters in the Triangle so maybe you can get a festival going there. As for me, I have more to learn and need the right conditions to present themselves for mine to work. I missed one recently, or missed the chance to try, but it would have been a horrible time for me to do it, so, another year. It's funny I was talking with timv about a skate and swim a few days or weeks ago, and including par 3 in that idea, and hamburgers. Oh no I said too much! It's better for me not to say my ideas because I find I don't do them as often when I say them. Or maybe I just don't act on my ideas enough in general? Hmm. Skateylove myself, Skateylove all...roadskater
MikeB's picture

meetup.com really works

Recently a long time member of the Triangle Skate Club created a meetup page, and low and behold, within a week we had half a dozen new skaters coming out to different skates. And meetup is driving more and more interest to this group. Give it a try - for whatever group you find near and dear. It really works.
roadskater's picture

That's good info about meetup.com

Thanks for the impressions and information on the meetup.com group. We may need to do that here for Roadskater.net Tour to Tanglewood stuff and for the social skates. It's a way to meet people you don't already meet I guess, which is a good thing...a good way to meet people who look on meetup.com at least! Thanks again and I hope to see you at the Spinz free bike ride inline skate... http://roadskater.net/?q=spinz-bike-shop-high-point-nc-2008-tour-to-tang... It's free and the pace is chill or thrill as you like it.
MikeB's picture

Spinz 7/19 T2T free event

Sounds like a very good event and since Mark S's SkateStrong Workshop in No.Raleigh has been moved to 7/20, then the Spinz skride becomes more do-able.........for others. For me?....Wilmington NC all weekend for a 5 game hockey tourney - "Beach Blast '08" Our team is Neighbor Boy, put together by Dave Creager, the owner.....all kinds of great services can be found at www.neighborboyinc.com Dave is our captain and his motto is "win or lose, ya gotta booze." My motto is "as long as I played, I'll need gatorade." ;-)
eebee's picture

Have fun and good luck!

Sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you guys win, or at least come away relatively unscathed :-).
MikeB's picture

oh well, can't win 'em all

Thanks for the well wishes, but alas, it wasn't to be.

We didn't do so well - had a lot of fun playing - and came away from this one unscathed but our "win" column only had 1 tally in it.....OUCH.

Unfortunately 2 guys never showed and that really cramped the style.  Especially since one guy was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings years ago and was due to be a star left winger for them - unfortunately the signing bonus went to his head and he got into drugs and alcohol and never made it to the NHL.  But he would have been a heck of an addition to our team......would have been.....ARG.

roadskater's picture

Glories, Stories, Injuries

Keep us posted on how the tournament comes along. I'm supposing that if there are no injuries, it's an unsuccessful weekend! Hope you bring home some hardware, and if not, some sunshine in the soul from being at the beach. Eat at the Oceanic for me...on the pier is even better. That place surely saved me one day...some kind of apple walnut chicken salad and yes, a coke with the lime in it.
MikeB's picture

No Glories, good Stories, no Injuries -except a bruised ego

Well Wilmington didn't go according to plan. Just 1 win which kept us out of contention. I brought the inlines too but Tropical Storm Cristobal said NO to that idea. Oh well, better luck next year.

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