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Tour de Lions

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 Alright, so I just came back from the ride and I have to say that that was one of the best skrides I have ever been on.

The day did not start too well for both myself and Tom as both of us manage to get lost following Google Maps directions (who would've thought that a small place like Liberty, NC would have 3 exits off of NC-421). Anyway, by the time I have finally got to the start point and registered, all bikes have left (I saw the departure from my car pooling into the parking lot). Luckely, Blake, Elizabeth and Tim were at the parking lot and they told me that Melinda just left and she was doing the 20 miles route. I also new that Tom was right behind me... I threw on my skates, helmet, camel back and went off onto the ride... Since I had no time to get myself ready and there was nobody else to skate 60 miles with, I have opted for doing 30 miles...
The roads on this ride were AWESOME!!! Don't get me wrong, there was some occasional gatorback (like maybe 6 miles total) but whenever the road was smooth it was smooth as glass... At some point I wished that I had track wheels or soft indoor wheels since my green Matters (road wheels) felt too soft for the pavement :-) I also managed to catch up with Tom at the first rest stop (he got a little lift from Blake) and we skated together all the way to Liberty (where I felt so strong that I took off chasing  bikes).
Hills were moderate on the course... A few very nice winding downhills and several nice uphills. The finish was all uphill for like 6 miles (with a mile downhill in the first third) which was interesting :-) Also, it was head wind most of the day and it was strong...

Overall, I am definitely coming back next year... Trust me, there are no roads like that in Apex where we usually skate :-) Our smooth roads would feel like rough roads comparing to the Tour de Lions. I averaged 13.5mph over 30 miles which is alright. I could've probably do a little faster but I had to stop twice in the very end to relace my boots since my right's foot ball was in the world of pain :-)


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Thanks for the excellent

Thanks for the excellent report. It's great that you stuck with it despite the discouraging start. Blake, Elizabeth, and I had quite a rich collection of excuses for not going, but mainly we were worried about the rain coming back. It didn't and turned out that you folks got what seemed to be an amazing morning for skating. So win-win really... Hopefully I'll be up to doing it next year.

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