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Tour de Moore for Habitat for Humanity Bike Ride Welcomes Roadskater.net Inline Skaters

roadskater's picture
2008.09.01 8:30 am
2008.09.01 5:00 pm
Wow this is some great news. The much-respected Tour de Moore has invited us to join them for the Sandhills Cycling Club's main event hits the road Labor Day. I sent an inquiry earlier this week to Rainbow Cycles and received this reply:
Yes we’d love to have road skaters at our event.  It looks like it will be a perfect day in the 80’s with some clouds.  You can register at active.com or print our registration form from our website sandhillscyclingclub.org.  How many skaters will you bring?
Craig Pryor
Tour Director

As it stands, eebee and I plan to do our New Jersey in North Carolina skate Saturday rollout at 8, take Sunday off, then weather permitting, leave early Monday to skate 50 at Tour de Moore. If we are insanely happy and rolling well, we might talk ourselves into skating further, perhaps with a view of 62, depending on routes, support, friendliness, &c.

  • Registration 7:00-8:30a $40 day of event includes lunch and maybe a t-shirt (no guarantee for late folk)
  • 100 miler starts at 8:30a
  • 50-miler starts at 9:00a
  • 28-miler starts at 9:15a 
  • Lunch provided 2:00-5:00pm
  • SAG provided until 5:00pm

I indicated that we would likely choose 50. However, I do note that SAG support continues to 5pm. If you could do better than 11.1 mph AVERAGE INCLUDING STOPS you would be there in time to barely finish in time. However, the last person on the road is a position best left to a bicyclist rather than a skater as a matter of good relations, in my view. I don't think we'll try a century a few days before the tour but I refuse to not dream about it anyway, ha! If we're doing 12 somehow by 50, and I don't expect it, I will vote to consider continuing in my hugely unrealistic hopefulness.

If you can come skate 28 or 50 (or 100) please do! I think this is a really good chance to spread the vision of our sport as a normal part of bike events that are very well knows. Represent your sport with skateylove!


Tour de Moore - Campbell House
482 East Connecticut Avenue
Southern Pines, North Carolina
United States
35° 10' 12.6264" N, 79° 23' 7.9188" W

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