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Tour to Tanglewood 2005 Awards Ceremony

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Here's my report from the 2005 Tour to Tanglewood Awards Ceremony, which I hope will inspire us, now that the skating and cycling for 2006's Tour is done, to look at what we can do from now until our donations are due.

Please take a look at what other teams and individuals achieved, and what we achieved last year. As of now, our total is at $10,796. I have additional amounts of $880 from generous team members hoping to help the general fund, whose goals are:

  1. to give more to those who help those with multiple sclerosis; 
  2. to help those who raised funds but have not raised their minimums;
  3. to help as many as possible reach jersey level to promote the tour by skating/cycling in the T2T jersey; and
  4. to boost the top individual on the last day with any residual amounts if close to top 100 status.

So here's my report from last year's awards ceremony, lightly edited:

Thanks to Dave, Craig, Bobbie and Avery for coming out to the Tanglewood awards dinner. It's always very emotional for me and I warned them all I'd be literally in silent tears several times in awe of the generosity of others. It's embarrassing but it happens every single year so there's not much i can do about it so i might as well go with it.

The final totals are: 1,291 participants raised $1,038,817. That's $804.94 per participant on average (of course there were five who raised over $20,000 each), and there were 265 more participants and $205,000 more dollars raised than last year. this is simply incredible growth for a 20 year old event! I think people respond to how hard they work and how responsive they are to comments from participants.

One team raised 14% of the total, and one person raised 3%!

At the awards banquet they specifically mentioned the 30 skaters and our cyclists, and the 1 unicyclist and this was also displayed on the screen during the show.

The website shows our total as $14,524 but i had a figure of $14,667, which I believe to be the proper amount we donated. No matter what, that's awesome and over $360 average each.

You guys earned two awards for DOUBLING (actually, almost QUADRUPLING from 11 to 40) our Roadskater.net team size and DOUBLING our Roadskater.net team fundraising total! Also, Roadskater.net was listed among the sponsors for contributions to their media and the logo was on the back of the program and given the last credit on the slide show. While I'm not sure the photos deserve the honor, I'm glad for it, as hopefully this will bring people to the site to look at photos, join InlineNC, visit RSN2.com, and perhaps join us next year, hopefully on our team!

Here is some text provided by the MS Society chapter for the 2005 effort:

2005 BB&T MS Tour to Tanglewood Awards

TEAM TOTAL AWARDS Team Name, Number of Members, Total Raised
Platinum Team ($100,000+)
Denim Riders 133 $150,903

Gold Team ($60,000-80,000)
Winston-Salem Flyers 20 $94,686

Silver Teams ($40,000-60,000)
Team Aetna 67 $74,766
Canterbury 59 $72,585

Bronze Teams ($20,000 - $40,000) Members Funds Raised
Spinergy 49 $25,520
Dawg Dodgers 24 $25,024
Greensboro Velo Club 35 $24,500
Wachovia 51 $24,028
Allegacy 36 $23,456
Forsyth Medical Center 40 $23,237
Team GTCC 40 $21,374
Biking Bankers of the Triad 41 $20,387

INDIVIDUAL TOTAL AWARDS (Blake's note: 5 people raised over $20,000, and would have been bronze teams alone!)
The Mission Possible Club is those who raised over $5000!
Carolyn Myers $36,437
Ron Uptain $25,465
Alan Karpinski $23,878
Charles Brockington $23,264
Jim Moss $20,081
Alex James $12,970
Susan Hauser $12,913
Krissy Dull $12,201
Mark Scheerer $9,547
Bob Seehausen $9,035
Greg Gibson $8,445
Jeff Burgess $8,270
Jay Gillespie $7,443
Gary Williams $6,748
Rick Beldegreen $6,350
Kiki Shinault $5,755
Frank Harris $5,235
Billie Routh $5,180
Eddie Bryan $5,125
Susan Bennett $5,005
Gary Bowman $5,000

Charles Brockington Outstanding Achievement Award
Ron Uptain

Hustle Award
Carolyn Myers

Valerie Gardner Volunteer of the Year Award (Blake's note: They named the award after Valerie, who with Elaine is a tour and training ride rest stop hero!)
Jack Snead

Top Rookie Fundraiser
Jay Gillespie

Youngest Cyclists
Samuel Crawford, 4; and Clayton Crawford, 5

Oldest Cyclist
John Thorne, 81

Rest Stop of the Year
Sunday #2, at Midway Elementary
Sponsored by Wachovia

Team Captain(s) of the Year
Keith Gardiner and RP Hughes

Largest Team
Denim Riders

Highest Team Pledge Average
Winston Salem Flyers

Best Team Tent
1st Winston-Salem Flyers
2nd Allegacy
3rd Team GTCC

Best Rookie Team
Our State Magazine

Team Expansion Award
RFMD Signal Strength
Team Aetna
Team Volvo

Double the Funds Award
Compassionate Heart
St. Anne’s
Team Aetna
Team Coconuts
Team Volvo

Best Jersey
Team Erica

Also, please note that the NC Central MS Society chapter won some national awards too...

Excellence in Client Programs- Family Programs
Someone You Know has MS

Excellence in Client Programs - Long Term Care
Caregiver Respite Program

Excellence in Research Promotions

Excellence in Advocacy
NC Chapter Advocacy Network

Excellence in Campaign Performance
MS BB&T Tour to Tanglewood Outright Giving

2005 Biogen Idec Nationwide Excellence Grants
Young at Heart Retreat March 31-April 2, 2006

Thanks again, all of you, for being on the RoadSkater.Net team and sharing skateylove with hundreds of cyclists and people with Multiple Sclerosis.

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