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Tour to Tanglewood Roadskater.net Prologue Skate Bike Skride

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Everyone on any team is welcome to join us for a skate and bike at a leisurely pace on safe roads and exhilerating greenways to get to know other team members and tour veterans before the cold morning light!

  • 5:00 pm: Meet at the swimming pool lot (first on left) at Bur-Mil Park off US-220 North to get to know the Roadskater.net skaters and cyclists who are able to make this early time. All teams and individuals are welcome, whether joining the tour or not. We'll try to talk you into it.
  • 6:45 pm: Meet at a local restaurant to be announced for the optional but wonderful Roadskater.net team prologue meeting. This is a great way to meet the others on the team, and to remind ourselves of what to expect and how to best represent our sport to over a thousand cyclists. If you can make this meeting, please do. Newbies will need Vets there to discuss everyting with, and we'll be much more a team the next day if we share relaxed time together the night before. Everyone from any team is welcome to join us, understanding we'll have some brief team talk that may be boring! All family members and friends are welcome, too, understanding that some of this will bore them senseless at the very moment we are most energized.

Times and places subject to change, but this is the basic idea of the Roadskater.net prologue.


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Mmmmm...Tour to

Mmmmm...Tour to Tanglewoooooooooodddd!! Sunny September days, winding country roads, happy participants, killer rest-stops and crashing out on the grass for hours afterwards. This event is special to my heart!

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