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Tour to Tanglewood Roadskater.net Update August 27 2007

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Hi all. Life takes over sometimes, eh? Well with a little less than 3 weeks to go before Tour to Tanglewood 2007 we heard that 1300 riders and skaters are registered already. As for our team, we are up to 24 members with more surely about to sign up. Some of us even have some contributions turned in, and we have two clear leaders in the contest. This includes just items turned in to the website or office already, and is not indicative of donations many have received directly. Still to give some kudos and encouragement, here are the donations we have so far on the website:

First NameFundraising

Wow! That's some kickbutt fundraising among those top two, and we have other Vibes committed to raising $1000 each as well. With three weeks to go, we'd better get crackin' I guess. I know many of you are well on your way to your goals and we just don't know it yet. Thanks to all of you for coming to skate with me and for raising money for people who can't do what we do!

We need more skaters and cyclists! We are somewhat down in number hopefully because of conflicting events and not for long-term reasons, but GVC is eating our lunch and a friendly competitor, Road-Worthy, has us tied at the moment. Please bring someone(s) with you to raise money, do the 20-miler Saturday at Tanglewood, or do the whole event on skates or bike or one day each! We're seriously out of the top ten!


Team Name (Teams with 20+ members)Size
Team Erica 109
Denim Riders 75
Team BB&T 55
RFMD Signal Strength 44
NC Signature Magazine 41
Forsyth Medical Center 37
Team Aetna "aeroriders!" 36
Team Canterbury 35
Analog is Everywhere 33
Wachovia 33
Rack Pack 30
Greensboro Velo Club 29
Signal Zero 29
Bicycle Toy and Hobby 27
Road-worthy 24
Roadskater.net 24
Team RJR 22
Tihso Lliha 22
Volvo 22
Allegacy 21

Thanks again for everything you've done and anything else you do!

Skateylove, Blake

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