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Tour to Tanglewood Route Change Aug 28 2006

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This weekend, Danny, of the Bicycle Response Team for the Tour to Tanglewood, said Dock Davis road was out. This is the bottom of the last rush of adrenaline in the Tour on day 1.

I rode loop 1 with Tom on Saturday (more later) and loops 2 and 3 with my parents while visiting them on Sunday. (We rode in a car.) I took photos and sent them to Michelle and Suzanne et. al. at the MS Society and it looks like now there's a route change. This is sad in one way, in that this is a beautiful stretch of nice road. On the other hand it will be great for next year that some of these older bridges will have been replaced.

I will try to get out to evaluate the new loop 3 if possible, but for the main route and the Taste, it seems you'll just go back in the way we often go out on day 2. Loop 3 should still be far superior to either 1 or especially 2, skateywise, but I hope to confirm that.

If you already have your packet, make sure you destroy that sheet and get new route sheets at the Tour!

Here's a snip from Michelle's email:

We learned this weekend that Dock Davis Road is closed and may not be
open in time for the Tour.  Derrick and I have changed the Saturday,
Century and Taste routes so that all continue on Hampton to Idols and
take right into Tanglewood.  This is only .3 mile shorter for Main and
Taste, but 5 miles shorter on Century.  We made an addition (Lake
Leonard, Ridge, City Lake) to make a 99.9 mile century route.  Other
minor corrections have been made which I won't describe here.

Congratulations and thanks to the tour staff and the BRT guys, who have done tons of riding out on these roads to keep an eye on things. What a great event this is!

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