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Tour to Tanglewood Training Bike Ride Inline Skate July 24 2010 Cycle Therapy Lewisville NC

eebee's picture

Roadskater and I skated about 34 miles at the Lewisville, NC Cycle Therapy Tour to Tanglewood training ride this weekend. I hadn't skated the majority of the roads on this route before, and was pleasantly surprised to find them relatively traffic-free. Even as we plodded back into town, there was only a minor amount of traffic, with no (audibly) angry drivers.

Despite abundant local heat advisories posted that day, we set off on the route. We carried Gatorade in our hydro packs and bottles. The parking lot departing the bike shop reminded me of the old Paceline Winston 'start line', with a steep hill to a T, and a left steep downhill into another T on to the main (five- or six-lane) road.

The first part of the journey leading us out of town into the country had ample hedgerows and tree-lined streets, providing pavement shade. This kept things nice and cool while the sun was still relatively low. The main road out of town (Shallowford Rd.: about ten miles long) was a bit bumpy with some holes, but nothing tragic. The loop, however, had some gatorback roads (don't they always!?), but we trudged along anyway to get the miles in. I failed the snippy test somewhere out on that loop as the sun climbed higher in the sky and started baking my brain inside my skull. So we rested in the welcomed shade of a tree at the top of one of the very long climbs, which helped me immensely.

'Snippy'/Frances McDormand/Fargo.

We came across a very small, friendly and extremely air-conditioned country store out on the loop somewhere, which also provided much support towards the anti-snippy campaign. This was my second real road skate after Tour de Lions so far this year, so I was relieved that is wasn't a very congested one, motor-vehicles-wise. We made it back sometime after 11 am and like everybody else that day, attempted to stay out of the heat.


Cycle Therapy, Lewisville, NC
1347 Lewisville Clemmons Road
Lewisville, North Carolina 27023-9635
United States
36° 4' 41.916" N, 80° 23' 19.4424" W


BladesoFire's picture

Sorry I missed it.

Are you guys planning to skate the training ride this weekend sponsored by Clemmons Bike Shop?  I am planning on it.

eebee's picture

Hope to be!

The Clemmons Training Ride is one of our favorites, due in part to a mile or so long downhill with smooth pavement and lovely scenery! So far the weather forecast looks good...a cool 90 for the high :-D. If it's going to be 75 at the start line I'll have to bring my armwarmers...

We hope to skate this one, barring any unforeseen problems.

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