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Tour to Tanglewood Training Bike Ride Inline Skate July 31 2010 Clemmons Bicycle NC

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Posted on the Clemmons Bicycle website:

"Saturday 07/31/10: Tour To Tanglewood Training Ride (18, 27, 36, 50 Mile Routes)"



"July 31, we will be hosting the Tour to Tanglewood training ride. Ride will start at 8am and there will be four route options for all different levels of cyclists. Free food and drinks for all participants, music, and a store wide sale! Come out and join the fun!"


This is a much-loved route with a long, smooth, sweeping mile downhill - and of course many long, staggering uphills too. Here are some photos from Clemmons-ride past: Looks like there was a nice skating group in 2008! http://roadskater.net/photos/clemmons-bicycle-2008-tour-to-tanglewood-tr... http://roadskater.net/photos/clemmons-bicycle-2009-tour-to-tanglewood-tr... http://roadskater.net/photos/clemmons-bicycle-2007-tour-to-tanglewood-tr... http://roadskater.net/photos/t2t2006tbs/index.htm http://roadskater.net/photos/t2t2002tr2/index.htm


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What a great skate it was!

That was certainly one of the nicest and most enjoyable 36 mile routes I have ever skated.  The weather was nice and the roads were fabulous... Oh and the company was great too!  

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The excuses are valid!

Wow! What can I say about Saturday's training ride? Some of the smoothest pavement I have ever skated, a steady cloud cover helping to keep the temps in the high 70s, no headwind at all because I drafted (6 ft 4?) BladesoFire pretty much the whole way, and had Roadskater at times giving me a nudge from behind. My heart rate avg barely broke 140!

I wish they all could be Clemmonsian roads.

I must admit I wondered if I was having too easy a time of it on Saturday, but come Sunday I still had plenty of sore leg muscles from all those steep hills.

Top speed for the three of us: 37 mph. Total mileage: 36.5.

Conclusion: It's perfectly fine to use gatorback roads and scorching Summer heat as excuses for slow finish times!

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