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Tour to Tanglewood Update Inline Skate Bike Ride Hurricane Hanna

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Here's the latest word from the Tour to Tanglewood Bike Ride & Inline Skate. We're on, provisionally, for Saturday, and it is very likely there will at least be a Sunday ride & skate. Again, while I'm not a wxpert, I believe Saturday will be a go as well. But it's not up to me, thank goodness! Here's the word from Derrick Huff:

Hey, it's here!

As of right now, we plan to ride this weekend, so get ready for all the fun that is the Bike MS: BB&T Tour to Tanglewood. If we are unable to ride on Saturday due to heavy rain and high winds, we have made alternate arrangements to ride on Sunday only. Either way, it's going to be a great weekend. Be on the lookout for more information.

I’ll be out of the office getting ready for the ride and will not be able to check email, so if you have any more questions, please call 336-299-4136. Someone at the office will be able to help you.

I have gotten a lot of emails that have similar questions, so I'm going to try and knock these all out at once:

When you arrive at Volvo Trucks, there will be a place to drop off your luggage to be transported to Tanglewood Park . Place the luggage tags from your Rider Packet on your luggage so it is easier to find when you finish the ride. If you would like a boy scout to set up your tent, they will do it for you for $20. The money goes to MS and the boy scouts get valuable experience!

Due to the hurricane last week, the shower truck was relocated to help those not able to get to their homes. We have made alternate arrangements with the YMCA so that you will be able to take a shower when you arrive at Tanglewood. Please bring a towel, soap and shampoo if you plan to use this service.

What time does the ride start?

Check-in              6am
Main Route           8:00am
100-mile Route:    7:30am
23-mile Taste of the Tour 10:00am (from Tanglewood Park )

Main Route :          7:30am
70 Mile Route :      7:00am

Taste of the Tour
The Taste of the Tour check-in is at 9am and the ride starts at 10am. It starts and ends from the campground at Tanglewood Park .

Shuttles will run continuously Saturday afternoon to and from the YMCA for showers, and to and from hotels. Shuttles will also run to and from Volvo on Saturday. The shuttle from Volvo to Tanglewood on Sunday morning will leave promptly at 6am. We do not transport bicycles.

Can I still register?
Online registration is closed, but anyone can still register at the Friday night check-in or on Saturday morning.

When can I turn in Money?
You can turn in money at check-in on Friday night or Saturday morning, or mail it in to:
National MS Society
2211 W. Meadowview Road, Suite 30
Greensboro , NC 27407

How should my sponsors make out their checks?
"National MS Society" and include your name in the memo section.

How long do I have to turn in my contributions?
Contributions must be postmarked by October 10th for prizes, but we will take contributions any time.

What can I give my sponsors who want a receipt?
A pad of Thank You receipts are included in your registration packet.  For pledges over $250, we will send a receipt for tax purposes.

What if I can only ride on Saturday?
You can ride from Volvo Trucks to Tanglewood and take the shuttle back to Volvo or arrange for someone to get you and your bike. You will need to make arrangements for your bicycle. You can also sign up for the 20-mile Taste of the Tour which starts and finishes at Tanglewood Park .

What if I can only ride on Sunday?
You can ride on Sunday only as long as you check in on Friday night, Saturday morning, or at one of the pre-ride check-ins.

See you this weekend!

Derrick Huff
Bike MS


United States
36° 4' 55.2684" N, 79° 58' 1.2576" W


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Tour to Tanglewood Roadskater.net Schedule Friday Prologue

For those doing the tour and anyone else, please reply via email to roadskater...

YES/NO can you make it to:
  1 early check-in 5p
  2 fun skate/bike 6p
  3 lucky32 dinner 730p

ALL are welcome to fun skate/bike prologue, dinner, come join us Saturday on the lawn at Tanglewood, greet us back Sunday at Volvo.

Included are driving directions:
  Volvo - Bur-Mil
  Volvo - Lucky32
  Bur-Mil - Lucky32

FRIDAY! 5pm to 7pm early check-in: Volvo Trucks North America Inc 7900 National Service Rd Greensboro, NC 27409

For Roadskater.net FRIDAY!
  5pm early check-in for anyone who wants to, then leave asap
  520-530pm leave for Bur-Mil Park
  550pm arrive Bur-Mil Park
  6pm rollrollout for the no-drop, somewhat short fun skate and bike (ending by
  645-7pm hopefully).
  715-730pm dinner at Lucky 32

Driving Directions Volvo to Bur-Mil
Link: <http://maps. google.com/ maps?f=d& saddr=vovlo+ trucks&daddr= 36.132606, -79.949913+ to:5834+Bur+ Mill+Club+ Rd,+Greensboro, +NC+27410+(Bur-Mil+Park) &hl=en&geocode= %3B%3BFR_ PJwIdMEU9- w&mra=dpe& mrcr=0&mrsp= 1&sz=12&via= 1&sll=36. 149519,-79. 918327&sspn= 0.132514, 0.285988& ie=UTF8&ll= 36.131775, -79.897041& spn=0.132544, 0.285988& t=h&z=12>

Start address: Volvo Trucks North America Inc 7900 National Service Rd Greensboro, NC 27409

End address: Bur-Mil Park 5834 Bur Mill Club Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410 Start at: Volvo Trucks North America Inc 7900 National Service Rd Greensboro, NC 27409

1. Head east on National Service Rd toward Thorndike Rd - 0.8 mi
2. Turn left at Thorndike Rd - 0.1 mi
3. Turn left at Lynwood Smith Expy/NC-68 N Continue to follow NC-68 N - 3.4 mi
4. Turn right at Pleasant Ridge Rd - 4.7 mi
5. Turn right at Hamburg Mill Rd - 1.4 mi
6. Turn right at Battleground Ave/US-220 N - 1.0 mi
7. Turn left at Owls Roost Rd - 0.3 mi
8. Turn left at Bur-Mill Club Rd - 0.1 mi Arrive at: Bur-Mil Park 5834 Bur Mill Club Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410

Driving Directions Volvo to Lucky 32

Link: <http://maps. google.com/ maps?f=d& saddr=vovlo+ trucks&daddr= 1421+Westover+ Ter,+Greensboro, +NC+27408+(Lucky+32+Restauran t)&hl=en& geocode=% 3BCVMeRPs_ KvHyFQK2JgIdBSA- -w&mra=pe& mrcr=0&sll= 36.089867, -80.045697& sspn=0.265231, 0.571976& ie=UTF8&t= h&z=12>

Start address: Volvo Trucks North America Inc 7900 National Service Rd Greensboro, NC 27409

End address: Lucky 32 Restaurant 1421 Westover Ter, Greensboro, NC 27408 Start at: Volvo Trucks North America Inc 7900 National Service Rd Greensboro, NC 27409

1. Head east on National Service Rd toward Thorndike Rd - 0.8 mi
2. Turn left at Thorndike Rd - 0.1 mi
3. Turn left at Lynwood Smith Expy/NC-68 N Continue to follow NC-68 N - 2.1 mi
4. Take the exit toward Bryan Blvd/Piedmont Triad Int'l Airport - 0.4 mi
5. Merge onto Airport Pkwy/Bryan Blvd/Joseph M Bryan Blvd Continue to follow Joseph M Bryan Blvd - 8.4 mi
6. Slight right at Benjamin Pkwy - 0.8 mi
7. Turn left at Green Valley Rd - 0.7 mi
8. Turn right at Westover Terrace - 328 ft Arrive at: Lucky 32 Restaurant 1421 Westover Ter, Greensboro, NC 27408

Driving Directions Bur-Mil to Lucky 32
Link: <http://maps. google.com/ maps?f=d& saddr=Bur- Mill+Club+ Rd+(Bur-Mil+Park) &daddr=1421+ Westover+ Ter,+Greensboro, +NC+27408+ (Lucky+32+ Restaurant) &hl=en&geocode= %3BFQK2JgIdBSA- -w&mra=ls& sll=36.09949, -79.89233& sspn=0.132598, 0.285988& ie=UTF8&ll= 36.164315, -79.866228& spn=0.016561, 0.035748& t=h&z=15>

Start address: Bur-Mil Park Bur Mill Club Rd Greensboro, NC 27410

End address: Lucky 32 Restaurant 1421 Westover Ter, Greensboro, NC 27408 Start at: Bur-Mil Park Bur Mill Club Rd Greensboro, NC 27410

1. Head south on Bur-Mill Club Rd toward Owls Roost Rd - 0.2 mi
2. Turn right at Owls Roost Rd - 0.3 mi
3. Turn left at Battleground Ave/US-220 N - 5.5 mi
4. Slight right at Westover Terrace - 0.4 mi Arrive at: Lucky 32 Restaurant 1421 Westover Ter, Greensboro, NC 27408

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Tour to Tanglewood Saturday Ride Skate Canceled But Read On...

Well it's sad but we understand it's a big logistical machine to get started, try to stop, or try to start later. We Roadskaters will make a decision at 6AM about our replacement skate and bike on Saturday which might be at 8am or maybe later if it makes more sense.

We plan on a 52 mile supersweet route going in from Church near Philadelphia Baptist at Archergate across Air Harbor and out Lake Brandt, getting past all the urban distastefulness early on. We'll go up Haynes, Angell, Washburn, Baggage, Bald Loop, Bethany, 65 (to 1st store) to Bakers Crossing, Vaughn, Sandy Cross (to 2nd store and back down Sandy Cross, Woolen Store, Lake Brandt, that's it. Email if you want to join us on a bike or skates and I'll give you the skatephone number. Let us know you're coming so we'll have turn sheets for ye.

EVERYONE, CYCLISTS, SKATERS, NORMAL PEOPLE, ANY TEAM, you are welcome to meet up with us at

  • 5pm registration at Volvo and go for a
  • 6pm (weather permitting) light ride/skate at Bur-Mil Park then a
  • 7:30pm dinner at Lucky 32 (if the Bur-Mil prologue is canceled we may go to dinner earlier so email or call!
  • Then Saturday we'll decide at 6AM if we're going to do a show'n'go with 2 convenience stores on the route and 45-52 miles of supersweet asphalt (shortcuts available). The show'n'go could be 8am or maybe later if it makes sense weather-wise. So email me or call!

Here's the note from the tour:

Your safety is our number one concern. Therefore, after careful consideration about what the potential impact of heavy rain and strong inds from tropical storm Hanna might have on our ride, the National S Society, with input from key volunteers and committee members, has decided to modify our Bike MS ride for this weekend.

Saturday's ride is cancelled.  However, with the outlook for improved weather on Sunday, we're full steam ahead for a fun and exciting ride on Sunday.  Please see the information below so you can adapt your plans to enjoy and support Sunday's Bike MS ride.

While we understand Saturday's weather forecast may improve, because of the preparation time required to ensure that we all have a safe and successful ride, we must make our decision now with the information we have at hand and we have already begun preparing for a great experience on Sunday.  Again with both the safety of riders and volunteers as our highest priority, we hope you'll understand this course of action and join us on Sunday for a great Bike MS ride.

In addition, even though Hanna has thrown us a curve ball, we still want to celebrate all of your hard work!  Tanglewood staff and volunteers are diligently looking into an alternate plan weather permitting for Saturday Tanglewood festivities for you and your family and friends to enjoy.  Be on the lookout for specific details tomorrow!

Like the weather, multiple sclerosis is often unpredictable. 
Your continued support of Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood helps over 2,300 individuals living with MS in Central North Carolina.  By participating in Sunday's ride you will help us reach our goal of creating a world free of MS.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Bike MS Staff and Officials

New Schedule of Events

  • Friday, September 5
    • 5-8pm         Rider Check-In, Volvo Trucks North America 7900 National Service Rd, Greensboro
  • Saturday, September 6
    • Noon-4 pm  Tanglewood Festivities (more details to follow)
  • Sunday, September 7
    • 6:00am        Rider Check-in, Volvo Trucks North America Team Photos
    • 8:00am        START 25, 50, 75 mile options available Route sheets will be posted on website by Friday at 5:00 pm
    • 10:30 am      First cyclists arrive back at Volvo
    • 11:00 am      Lunch served at Volvo Silent Auction Vintage Tanglewood Merchandise Sales Massages Available
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We All Made It: No Road Rash Abasions Contusions

Hey just a quick note to say Roadskater.net (some of the team) finished the team's Saturday 48.5-miler on supersweet Carolina roads, then all of the team (those signed up for T2T) did 25ish, 46.2 or 75ish (skatey-mark and northinsouth). Nobody had a crash or even a fall as far as I recall, and we had a fabulous time (OK I was in much pain after going out the first 7 miles or actually more way too fast on Saturday). It was a great group of people and yes we missed you if you were not there. More later, but we're all back on the road at least to respective homes and excursions. We had 2 skaters from MI, 1 from TN, and 1 from GA, 1 skater from the Triangle, 1 cyclist from the Triangle and one awesome supporter from the Triangle, plus more Piedmont Triad skaters (6) and Triad cyclist (6) on our team than ever. If I counted wrong, I won't be surprised. It was really fun and a great team enjoying meeting each other and renewing friendships. Thanks to all who even considered the trek to the Tour to Tanglewood. Much more later! Skateylove, roadskater

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