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Two Ocala, FL Skaters Hold US Records

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How great would it be to hold a US National record, even for a few seconds?

This story is about two skaters from Ocala, Florida who were already well known before their most recent successes. Now the two under-21 skaters are bringing home US records from the usa roller sports outdoor national bank track championships (whew what a name!). They both qualified for the USA team and will go to South Korea for the World Championships.

Both champions set records in the 300-meter trial:

The two secured their positions at the outset of the competition, both setting new national records in the 300-meter time trial. Mantia bested his own mark, skating a 26.140 to break his old record by more than a half second. Bowe also shattered the pre-existing mark on the women's side, becoming the first American woman to go under 28 seconds in the 300 meters, clocking in at 27.91. 

Another skater held the women's record briefly, for a couple of minutes or so. You go! Congratulations Sara Sayasane for holding the record, however long.

Of course the focus shifts to Lincoln, NE for the indoor nationals in July. No doubt the pace will by dizzying.

Bowe, Mantia qualify for the national team 
Ocala.com, FL - 3 hours ago
Ocala's Brittany Bowe and Joey Mantia have been the talk of the inline skating world over the past few days, setting new national records in the sport's ... 

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