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Unfinished business in Georgia!

The A2A Story from a first timer who did not cross the finish line. BUMMER!!!

I arrived in Atlanta Wednesday after midnight and slept in Thursday; by midday I rented a car to scout out the rout from A2A. I drove up to Athens and slowly mad may way towards Atlanta. Needles to say I got off the path a couple of times. Friendly folks helped me get back on track. Taking brakes for lunch, snakes and some site seeing did not help to speed up the journey. By the time I took the turn on Rocky Ford it was dark and I got lost again. I pulled over to figure out where the heck I was and how to get back to the Hotel. With the assistance of some very nice city security guys I mad it back safe and sound.  


The Friday night skate in Atlanta - Police escorted - was lots of fun. We skated through the city, the Olympic site and the last few miles of the race. I met so many skaters from all over the world. Like Yukio Masuda from Tokyo, who gave me the most amazing Band-Aids on Sunday after he found out that I involuntarily kissed the pavement (not like Eddy) and had a road rash on my back and royal behind – they left no scars just little red marks and they too are fading away.  


Saturday breakfast was laced with stories and laughter (with all new skater friends). The Skate in the afternoon calmed me down a lot - just knowing the first few turns made me feel good. Everything registration was very well organized. I ended up sitting around on the floor with a bunch of skaters, checking out the registration package, exchanging goodies, listening to A2A and other war stories and to lots of good advice. It was cool to meet some of the roadskater.net people. (Great pics Blake) 


Sunday morning: All is well, eating beagles with cream cheese -  drinking water with elete - packing up my stuff - filling up my Camelback - stuffing all my pockets with my favored gels and bars and a bottle of elete, I was ready.  I buzzed around and acted more like a Bee then Eddy did in his great costume. Once the street filled up with lots of now familiar, smiling faces, I settled down. No more urge to go pee or rethinking my placement of bags in to the check point boxes. I eat a Hammer bar, downed a GU, and before I knew, we where off.  

It was unfortunate, that I fell right after the first turn in to the race. I was up before I knew what hit me (the pavement) and was under the impression that I will recover and all is well. (Why the heck did I fall in the first place?) I got picked up by a great pack and we cruised at a very nice speed up and down the beautiful hilly countryside of Georgia. After a while I had to let them go due to dizziness. This past over and I was invited to join an other train  (Blake, eebee and Co. that was great skating) but, soon had to force myself to get out and take it even slower. My vision started to get blurry and my body asked for attention. At the second water stop I picked up some pain killers, had my scratches disinfected (thank you volunteers) and then skated with a very kind, caring and fun loving group slowly to the 38 mile finish line, where I had to force myself to end the skate. What a disappointment. But at least I did not have to ride in the “DRAG WAGON”

Jesse Flores (I never met before) was at the 38 mile finish when I got there and right away took me under his wings. He made sure I stared eating/drinking the right things to recover as fast/much as possible. He stayed with me, even doe I was probably talking 100 miles/hr. and repeating myself. When we arrived in Piedmont Park (by bus) he let me use his sandals to walk to the finish line – where all my language was. What a great Guy!

 I ended up having Sunday night dinner with a few of the roadskater.net folks. Nice meeting you guys!!! Thanks for walking me back to the hotel.   

I did go for a check up - upon arriving in Canmore, Canada on Monday night – I was just not feeling right. It turned out, that it was the right decision not to go on after the 38 miles. I can’t remember hitting my head but I ended up with a light concussion besides all kinds of body carvings, and was told to stay in bed or on the couch for 2 days and no exercise for a WEEK. That did not sit well with me, but I followed the orders to speed up the overall healing and I think I am back on track.   

Would I try it again? Yes, Yes, Yes…ABSOLUTLY!  

Hope everyone got home safe. 

Take care


eebee's picture

It happens to the best of you!

I'm sorry to hear about the concussion! Glad you listened to your body and instincts. By the time we caught you, you didn't really look 'with it' and I'm sorry about the fall you took - but you are in great company there at that corner with Kendra from Raleigh, who took a spill there I believe back in 2003.

I almost got eeked into the curb at that corner myself this year by a teenaged girl! I think if push had come to shove though, my mass would have won out. However, that pavement through there is rough and with the clacking of frames and sudden brakers ahead it can be tricky. 

I'm glad you're up for more A2A! 

MikeB's picture

What a trooper

I'm sorry too. You must have hit the pavement alot harder than you thought. I can't believe you went to 38. That is quite amazing. Congratulations are certainly in order. Thanks for your story and insight. Having never done A2A it is really great to hear that your overall experiences were very good (pre-race and post-race). Thanks for sharing and hopefully I'll see you there in 2009. In the meantime, please keep sharing your skating exploits and knowledge here - I learn from it very much.

Thanks for caring eebee and

Thanks for caring eebee and MikeB If everything goes as planed, I will attempt the A2A skate again in 2009.  

Between now and then, I have to get a new pair of skates. I would like to try Luigino Sting with the Pilot frame. They are a little on the expensive side, but if they fit it would be worth it. A Soft Toe Box sounds nice. I guess the only way to know how they fit my feet is to try them on. I also need to find out if I could mount brakes. There is just no way that I will skate without brakes. Any Thoughts?  I am open to suggestions and will definitely try others. I already tried the new Bont (in Montreal) - nice - a little stiff... undecided. I hear that the Bont Semi Race is softer and has more ankle support…

MikeB's picture

A2A 2009 prep

I too hope to be at A2A for 2009. Your experiences and search for new skates will be very interesting to me, and I know you can get some good insight here with the diverse skating crowd. The Luigino Sting huh? I looked at them online and they look cooler than H-E-double hockey sticks! Hopefully they are comfy for you. Skatey-Mark is a Bont skater + Elise too and others. Please post your findings though, if you don't mind. I'm in Powerslide R2s and while they fit well right out of the box, I'm still tweaking fit a little here and there to minimize any foot discomfort. (some of which is technique related I'm sure.) Thanks and can't wait to read more.
eebee's picture

Alluring Luigino Sting

I fell in love at first sight at those Luigino Pink Stings last year. I never did buy myself any though because at the time my old Verducci V-Maxx's felt like a pair of slippers! I'd be interested to see what you think if you buy some. Instead of going for the Stings last year, I just bought a twice-skated-in grey pair of old Verducci V-Teks at the A2A finish line from Mr. Bruce-Came-in-eighth-overall-Belden. I haven't even tried them with frames yet! I still like the 3x100+84 frames that would fit this old style boot. They're still so shiny!
roadskater's picture

Glad You Stopped at 38; Next Year 87!

Hi Marianne. I was afraid we had lost you, having not heard from you since A2A (I think...though I have not written my A2A either, focusing on the photos and maps). When we came upon you, I remember thinking you were not feeling well or we would not have caught you. I know our pack was clicking along OK at that point and I was hoping if you needed shelter we could help. But falling involves a shock to the body and there's usually some price to pay along the way if it's a bad one. I hope we didn't do wrong by keeping you going longer! I'm really glad you stopped at 38, as that is the single best place you can get help and get to the finish. And yes, Sir Jesse is a most excellent and caring human being. That is, if he's even human, as he skates beyond human limits of form in my view. We skated many miles in my trips to NYC back when travel costs were so wonderfully low. Wish you could make it to the Carolina Century! We're going to have a mighty wonderful time I am sure. As for the skates, offhand I would say lots have liked the Semi-Race (clairem are you there still?). I have been very satisfied with the Powerslide C4 I bought on eBay. eebee's new old stock Verducci V-Teks are indeed classy cool in shades of grey/gray with silver and red accents. The 3-point system seems cool and many of our Roadskater.net T2T team have had good results, including David K and Skatey-Mark. Maybe I can get some comments from InlineNC if I remember to ask them to come here and pitch in. Regardless, please do keep writing and skating and we'll plan to see you at A2A next year. If there's a way we can talk you into coming to the Carolina Century let us know! It'll be warm here compared with what you'll have up that way, I'd think.

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