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USA Olympic Long Track Ice Speed Skater Trevor Marsicano Talks About the Bullying He Faced and How He Made it Through

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From bullying target to Olympic silver medalist is not too bad. But it is usually harder than it looks. And once in a while someone shares their struggles with the rest of us. Speed Skater Trevor Marsicano is going back to his old school and is visiting other schools to talk to kids about his experiences with bullying as a youngster.

It sounds like school was nothing but miserable for Marsicano, particularly the last year he spent in school before his family decided to try home schooling. The article explains a bit about how speed skating fit into his transformation, and how facing and overcoming his depression is still a challenge at times...and how he uses visualization (of himself as a green superhero) to boost his speedskating performance. 

People can be cruel at times, about the strangest things...

Sixth grade was the turning point. Long eyelashes and a facial rash made Marsicano a target for other children and even adults, who questioned his hygiene and home life.


It doesn't help much as a kid to know that the tormentors may be tormented themselves.

Many were jocks who made fun of his ball-throwing skills in gym class and pushed him in the halls, knocking his books out of his hands and kicking them on the floor.

And many have gone through this briefly, but sometimes, for some reason, it becomes a constant and enduring problem. Along with leaning at home with his sister, getting involved in speed skating helped...

Trevor pursued speedskating with the Saratoga Winter Club, where he made friends and developed social skills that helped him combat depression. His grades improved and, by 17, he had earned his GED and moved west to train with the U.S. Speedskating Team.

There's more in the article, so take a look, but I can't resist reminding myself and all of us that finding others to help is one way to feel better. As Marsicano puts it:

"I just tell (students) ... start reaching out to the community. It’s a little bit of a distraction just to take your focus off yourself. ... If you start serving other people, you start to feel good, and all the other stuff starts to evaporate."

Once a victim, speedskater speaks out - Glens Falls Post-Star -  

Once a victim, speedskater speaks out
Glens Falls Post-Star
Steve C Wilson United States' Trevor Marsicano skates to a second place finish in the men's 1500-meter event at the US Olympic speedskating trials at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2009. (AP Photo/Steve C. Wilson) For every ...


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