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Useful 48-Hour Weather Data Links

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Today's weather reminded me of a couple of links I use regularly to look back at weather conditions after an event or workout. Sometimes I even save the image in an email or in my notes about the event.

It looks like it topped out in gso at 93 and in atl at 96, but according to these links and a talk with eebee while timv and I were skating in gso, lightning and storms around atl took its temp from 96 to 82 in an hour, while gso went from 93 to only 89 in the same hour before skate time. I showed up because of my show up rule, and Tim had done the same, so we skated some on a crackling day.

So here are some good links for you guys who like to catalogue your workouts. This is a nice site with a rocking url... 



The links for other areas should be relatively easy to determine by visiting that site or if you know the four-letter codes for your local reporting station.



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