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Here's a pretty cool article, much fun in fact, about an artist who uses tape for his creations...sticky tape not audio tape. He's tuned in to the power of jobs that let the mind go to new realms...and as an artist all the time he saw the tape as medium. Excellent. A Queens proponent, lover of Manhattan too, he speaks (or writes?) nice stuff...some snips on what he likes about New York City...

...Riding the seven train through Long Island City, seeing the skyline over and above everything else like the wall at the end of the world, or like grandparents of grandparents, sitting still and watching time go by, ageless. Walking to the Met through Central park from the 57th street entrance. Frisbee in the Sheep Meadow. That Indian guy who sells beer out of his bookbag...The old man that sings in Spanish on the N train, or the one who plays the violin at Grand Central....The Sunset between the Citibank and Chrystler buildings after it rains and the sky sets on fire, watching it all from the corner gas station that somehow plays the best music at the best moments, and walking home as everything goes purple and the streetlights come on.

 And on inline skating around the city...

I love to skate, (rollerblade, that is) around the city. I don't like to ride a bike, I feel that I'm going to fly off at the first crack in the pavement. I love to walk, but that's too slow. I love to drive, but not in Manhattan, and the Subway is beyond like or dislike- it's there and you use it without saying please or thank you. Rollerblading I feel like I have the most freedom deciding which way I'm going and how quickly.

Check out the article, and maybe his web too... http://walkerfee.com



Walker Fee, Tape Artist Extraordinaire 
Gothamist, NY - 1 hour ago
... Rollerblading I feel like I have the most freedom deciding which way I'm going and how quickly. What's your favorite NYC museum / cultural institution and why? ...  


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