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WANTED: Skaters in Myrtle Beach Area

I'm considering starting a recreational skate club in the Myrtle Beach area.  My tenative plan would be a weekly weekday early evening skate and a Saturday morning skate.  I'd hope to have a shorter route that could be repeated for newer skaters and then something extended beyond that for the more adventurous.  Saturday skates would be longer with perhaps one a month involving a drive to Charleston, Wilmington, or Southport, etc.

If you have an interest or any suggestions, holler!!!  I need help!!!



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Hard to find

That is a good idea Claire to start a skating group in your area. It is hard to "bump" into other skaters in our own particular area. I would like to get together with other skaters in Asheboro as well. Most of the people I have met skate indoors only it can be tricky getting them to try outdoors, especially if you live in a hilly area.

Have you checked on skatelogforum.com? I know of one person for sure that lives in Wilmington and is looking for people to skate with.

Good luck with your club and keep us updated on the success you have, maybe I could try some of the same ideas to stir up interest up here. 

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Now you've got me thinking!

Clairem: good for you for starting something! Good luck with the group. I've noticed that if a few of you skate it, they will come.

Andrewinnc: I wanted to offer some constructive input to the challenge of building a regular group-skate, but I've never led one. I do, albeit vaguely, remember not knowing such groups existed. So posting about it everywhere, both online and in the physical world, is probably going to make all the difference. For me, having a local skate-group (aprr.org) website to visit that would still be there each time I dared to pull it up, I'd exit out each time knowing it was only my fear and inner screams holding me back, and not lack of info (meet-up times, skill levels, directions - not links to directions).

I really had absolutely no idea about inline speed skating. I thought 'rollerblading' was only for the cute or northern (used to the ice!). Back in the early 80s I caught a glimpse of some skinny kids scrambling like fury around an industrial park on speed quads, but I just thought they'd laugh at me for asking about their sport...so I never asked.

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