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On the way to Epiphany

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OK it's a bit late or a bit early, so let's say a bit early.

I'm making my resolutions (but I do that year-round to little effect it is true) and feeling those epiphanies and all that. I've been talking about this for some time and now seems like a good time to review and restate.

Those still checking in for content here will note that in the off season there has been less. I have been spiraling a bit when it comes to posting here, stifled without and within, and not following my own advice and belief about how rsn2.com can function as part of roadskater.net and separate from the more strict confines of InlineNC the yahoo group.

I know very well that if I don't play and sing, no one can listen to me. If I don't write, no one can read me. If I don't photograph, no one can see as I do. The lesson of Roadskater.net is just put it out there. Someone will find it, and a few of those will like it.

My hope and wish here is that we are skaters, cyclists or those who love them, and that we express ourselves respectfully in our blogs and the various forum topics here, whether or not there is a direct skating/cycling/charity link in every topic. I believe from my experience on the internet that almost any topic is of interest. So many times I have learned something I could have shared, felt something someone else might have wanted to hear, or saw something that might heal or amuse another, and I have managed not to write about it.

I hope to change that now.

I hope to write, express, share, and to be more open to rejection, and thus available for acceptance among the world. Won't you join me?

I hope to give more before I am no more.

These pages, words, photos, they are my children, with few siblings, a few computer programs (SpeedScript Customizer or SpeedPak) and various articles in computer, travel, consumer and science magazines. When my sites are weak or sick or "unreachable," I ache like part of my soul is missing...because it is, at least temporarily.

Roadskater.net is my tombstone for the world to find in the graveyards of the future. There's still more to put in the capsule. And I want you to be part of the creation!

That working for money thing has to be coupled with doing something for humanity or it just doesn't spark. And without soul fuel no fire can last. (Anyone who'd like to hire someone to do something for humanity, get in touch. Maybe you have too much money and no time to do some good for the world. Let me know. Maybe I'll do it for you.)

Meanwhile as long as I draw breath and can afford Café Bustelo and Coca-Cola (and the rest), I have at least the brain and soul to say you are not alone, and the best way I know to prove it is to expose my stupidity and glory to the world as an example!

So on we go into 2007, as arbitrary as that is, and we arbitrarily and happily flush 2006 as best we can, before it stinks up the house!



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New Year's Revelation

Thanks for giving us a canvas to display our souls or earthbound influences. There are many subjects I have wanted to share with whomever might listen, but I flat haven't had time to learn how to create my own website. I'd love to share them here, for what they are worth.


My only new year's resolution for 2007: To remember that it is not only possible, but healthy, to start any resolution at any point during the year, even on December 31st. This may resonate with fellow procrastinators, ostriches, and scaredy-cats.

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