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Wednesday Evening Skate

Jack's picture

Had a great skate last night w/ Blake, Tim, Ken, and Millie. Perfect temperature and good mix of company, cruise chat and serious wind sucking.

I've resolved to skate at least twice a week this season, combined with, hopefully two running sessions. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Here's hoping I can achieve a balance of energy gain without undue fatigue. I've done this countless times before, trying to tread the thin line between good quality training and incinerating myself metabolically. Wish me luck!!


roadskater's picture

re wednesday evening greensboro country park skate

yo jack it was great to see you out there! of course i can't keep up with you as you look as lean as ever and i look as mean as ever! (mean being common.)

anyway we need to see if we can get millie on this site so she can teach us about some of the indoor speed world. (i wonder how the outdoor speed meets went out there in colorado springs, i think it was.)

i hope someday you'll want to be back out on the roads but you've got to do what's safe and one bad crash (or ankle injury) can sure make life different. i always have trouble with my weight if i am not skating tons, because i love "bad" food and lots of it. comfort eating! yay!

ok enough for now! some of us'll be posting subject-only messages to the inlinenc yahoogroup.com list when going out when we know in advance. otherwise check in the afternoons at country park.

for those who don't know greensboro country park, it's a 1.6 mile street-width loop, closed to public traffic (please smile and wave at staff vehicles!) on saturday and sunday and after 5p monday-friday off lawndale going north of pisgah church, left on orman, left on nathaneal greene (i think that's how they spell it) and bear left into parking lot. walkers are supposed to go clockwise (but they ignore this) and skaters and cyclists are supposed to go counterclockwise (a good idea), but along the striaght stretch by the offices and bathrooms just about anything goes.

it's a nice old-style park with no soccer fields, no baseball fields, no basketball courts, just trees, small lakes, ducks and geese and their products, cardinals and the occasional eastern bluebird, benches, picnic shelters, bark park (and products), a raccoon that hangs out by the bark park trash can at sunset ferrying bojangles bags to his loft, some moderate twisty hills, some organized red clay mounds for bmx dudes, lots of walkers, a few runners, and a connection to jaycee park that has the play fields and spencer love (ha) tennis center and access to the trail to owl's roost and bur-mil. it's nice. join us.

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