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What do you carry when skating?

skatey-mark's picture

A bit of an open question, but I was just curious what people take with them when skating outdoors...  For me, it definitely depends on the type of skate, but I can narrow it down to a few different types:

- Short social skate:  waist water bottle holder with maybe a 20oz water bottle.  1 Gu gel, a small pillbox with ibuprofen, aspirin, and tylenol, driver's license, credit card, a little cash, cellphone, bandaids, allen wrench, maybe a camera.

- Long training skate:  2-liter camelbak, cellphone, 4 Gu gels, pillbox, license, credit card, cash, bandaids, allen wrench, eletrolyte mix (for refilling the camelbak), pocket knife.

- Race:  pretty much the same as the social skate, but with enough Gu to get me through the whole thing (estmated hours divided by 2).  Depending on the nature of the race, I may or may not have my cellphone.

This is a long way from when I first started distance skating...  I used to carry extra wheels, brake pads, more tools, laces, etc...  I guess I have more faith in my equipment now, and have made a considerable effort to scrutinize everything in the pack and decide if it's really necessary or not.

- SM -


eebee's picture

I carry when skating...

1 hr easy evening skate:

Car keys (in my hand), bottle of strong gatorade mixed with ice & water (in the other hand), cell phone hung over waistband. I carry it all because I don't wear jerseys or shorts w/pockets for such skates.


3+ hr training skate: Car keys, Camelbak filled w/strong gatorade mix, copied & "laminated" (packing tape!) driver's license, cash or credit card, something sweet (candy, powergel), something salty (Cheetos, Lance crackers), skate tool, blinky light, and anything Blake can't cram in his Camelbak, which literally could be anything!


Social street/downtown skate: If wearing jersey w/pockets - cell phone, driver's license copy, credit card or cash, car keys, snack, and gatorade bottle in one hand.


For something like A2A I'm slow enough to need the Camelbak, still, with all those supplies, plus 2 extra pairs of dry socks in a ziplok in case of rain, although I'd like to do the event without all that. It would probably require a support driver or diligent checkpoint supply coordination!

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