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What do you do when a skater leaves the paceline of life too soon? Marshall Brown Memorial Bench, Fund

The DC area lost a core member of the skating community on April 17. Marshall Brown was only 36 years old when cancer took him out of our pace line. Marshall was a person who liked to make connections between people. In my first year with Team in Training I was surprised and grateful when he took time to introduce me to other skaters. They turned out to be Vinny and Lou with whom I would share "apple juice" at the A2A finish line over the next years. It was therefore suitable that at his memorial service the skating (and by this time Hashing) communities reconnected albeit in our Sunday best rather than sweaty skating outfits.

His concern, and probably the concern of many of us, was that he would not be remembered. His parents have set up a scholarship fund at his college (information below for those who wish to contribute). Those who skated with Marshall also wanted to do something more local. Since much of our training for A2A took place on the W&OD Trail (a 45 mile trail in Northern Virginia) we decided to buy a bench for the trail. (I keep thinking that it sounds a lot like "Alex, I would like to buy a vowel please.") If all goes according to plan this summer we will have a bench where we can go to talk with Marshall and maybe share some "apple juice.". I don't think we will have a problem raising sufficient funds for the bench but if you would like to send small contributions they would be welcome. (Contact me at patchc@mindspring.com) Any excess contributions will be sent to the scholarship fund from the skating community.

R. Marshall Brown Fund at the Toledo Community Foundation, 608 Madison Avenue, Suite 1540, Toledo, OH 43604. This fund will support a scholarship at Wittenberg University.

Carol Patch


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Please keep us updated on Marshall's Bench

Thanks for posting about this memorial. I think it is a wonderful thing, especially for one to whom it would mean so much, and on an incredible example of rail trail success. Years back I spent some wonderful time on the W&OD, skating out to the end in Purcelville, I think it's called. Please let us know when and where the bench will be installed when you know, and give us the geo coordinates if you can from someone's GPS. I hope the pajama skate was a great success and one that will continue forever in Marshall's honor. Thanks for your work on this project. Skateylove, roadskater

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