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What Skate Boots Are You Using and How Well Do You Like Them?

I wondered what skate boots you are using now and how well you like them? Why? How long have they lasted? Are you thinking about buying new boots in the next twelve months? Why? We want to know!


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Powerslide C4

I am using the Powerslide C4 from several years ago. The ones that look like spiderman shoes, red with silver webs. 

eebee's picture


Eebee is wearing Verducci V-Teks, possibly a 2002 model, with a Salomon frame accommodating 3x100+84. 

I would like to buy new boots soon because my current boots are slightly short. I like where the Verducci cuff sits on my ankles. 

MikeB's picture

Powerslide R2

These boots have been solid for 2 full years, with no boot degradation issues, although they are a little unforgiving and took some trial and error to make semi-comfy (sock experiments, EZ fit booties, well placed tape, etc.)  They're comfy for the first 35, then by 45 they become less friendly.  Once, after 45 at Tour de Kale, my skates and I were not on speaking terms for a week.

I must say though, the Luigino Challenge and Ultra Challenge have caught my eye, especially w/ the new P51 frame and 4 x 110s........we'll see what Santa says.

timv's picture

Hyper Hy-Velocity

Still on these after five years. They were my first real speed boots, an eBay find, probably at least a half size too small really, and it took most of a season to get comfortable in them but they've been great for me since then. They're so similar to skates with a number of other brands (K2, Powerslide, Verducci maybe...) that I'd bet they all came down the same assembly line.

Mine have have short mounts so they aren't compatible with most recent frames. That's fine for me since I'm still on 5x80mm and will be until I exhaust my stock of 80mm wheels. Both of the ratching buckles are broken now (too lazy to fix) and the boots might need a heat-molding touch-up on the outside of the left ankle. But they still look great and work fine and they've served me well.

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