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What's Up With Hyper Hyperformance +G and Mach 2 100mm Inline Speed Skate Wheels? Your A2A Choice?

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Hi to all. With A2A fast approaching procrastinators want to know: What's up with Hyper wheels in general, 100mm in particular, and Hyperformance +G and Mach 2, more specifically? eebee and I are scouting around for at least 12 100mm and 4 84mm and we found one spot that seems to have them, but only one we ever heard of. Now I'm not against low-fame websites, ha, but seriously where have all the Hypers gone? Anybody have a great source? What have you been using and are they worth the money? What do you like better or less well about the various road wheels you've used of late, especially for long distance roadskating on open road with hills and turns? Hyper Neutron 100mm wheels are readily available. It seems they're a thinner profile. Thoughts, experience, opinions? Feel free to post links from other sites if they're useful of course! Thanks a ton of skateylove, roadskater



I personally love the Hyperformance+G 84A they are perfect for the streets I am skating on (mostly on HWYs with lots of ups and downs). With proper rotation they last a long time. 

Where to find them…? I had luck on e-bay.

http://nettracing.com/wheels.htm seems to have 84mm 85A in stock.


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Yeah the 100mm seem hard to find reasonably

The 100mm seem to be mostly gone from places we've bought from before. We found some at a too-high price (just a bit high) then they wanted $30 for ground shipping within the USA and that seemed a bit harsh, so we will likely let them keep them so we can be in a tizzy at A2A as so often is the case! Perhaps we'll give in but they're a long way away to go by ground. Arrgh.
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Procrastinators of the World, Unite and Take Over (later)

(A ruined Smiths quote, there) Anyway, here's a list of A2A sponsors: Twincam SkateFarm with Eddy Matzger Skate Free or Die K2 Skates Luigino/Matter Wheels Rollerblade Pyro Apparel Pinnacle Racing Skate Escape Kroger Zephyr Adventures Atlanta School of Massage Bont I'm hoping Luigino, Matter, Rollerblade, Pinnacle and Bont will actually be at the pre-rant expo.

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