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Since when are Advertisers not Supposed to lie?

eebee's picture

To continue my string of irrelevant posts, the news article about somebody suing Anna Nicole Smith and Trimspa for false and misleading advertising just cracks me up. This is so frivolous I hope Anna Nicole wins all the money herself.


Here's an excerpt from one article on pe.com :

"Trimspa and the marketers of three other pills purported to aid in weight loss -- Xenadrine EFX, CortiSlim, and One-A-Day WeightSmart -- paid a total of $25 million in fines and settlements to the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.

The reason: No evidence to back up their claims."


Do what? Am I to understand from this that toothpaste really does whiten my teeth and xyz laundry detergent really will show me how white my shirts can be?! 


Judging by the following statement, we are at the end of the Golden Age of Advertising Lies:

"We're not saying diet pill companies can't run 'before' and 'after' photos, but we are saying that they will have to show evidence," said Peter Miller, an FTC lawyer. "We're telling advertisers that time's up on false claims."

This is exciting! Think how quiet it'll be now during the commercial breaks!


Seems like the plaintiffs are willing to put their fear of appearing downright moronic - I believed I could take these pills and suddenly be perfect - way below their greed, not to mention their cowardice at the easy target of Anna Nicole - she's up to her eyeballs in lawsuits and grief therapy. Gaah, just leave the woman alone already. In my very insignificant opinion, she's earned my respect following the death of her son.

Oh, and here are some tips for fake-it-yourself before-and-after photos:


- Wear baggy shorts, wedgie-style

- Slump

- Eat tofu and beans 24 hours before, and drink 2 cokes 30 mins beforehand

- Squash your upper arms flat against your body  


- Go to the tanning bed beforehand

- Stand up straight

- Smile or laugh

- Stand sideways from your feet up to your hips, then twist your upper body to face the camera


eebee's picture

RIP Anna Nicole

May she now find peace.

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