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Where's Karl: Running the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 47 Days

northinsouth's picture

Here is that website that I had talked to a few of you about this weekend. Crazy guy that is running the AT in 47 days.





Springer Mountain Georgia
United States
34° 37' 36.12" N, 84° 11' 37.32" W
Mount Katahdin Maine
United States
45° 54' 15.84" N, 68° 55' 17.04" W
Clingmans Dome North Carolina
United States
35° 32' 60" N, 83° 30' 0" W
Roan High Knob Tennessee
United States
36° 6' 15.84" N, 82° 7' 21" W
Mount Rogers Virginia
United States
36° 39' 34.92" N, 81° 32' 40.92" W
Bear Mountain New York
United States
41° 18' 46.08" N, 74° 0' 24.12" W
Killington Peak Vermont
United States
43° 36' 16.92" N, 72° 49' 12.72" W
Mount Washington New Hampshire
United States
44° 16' 13.8" N, 71° 18' 12.24" W
Mount Greylock Massachusetts
United States
42° 38' 15.36" N, 73° 9' 58.32" W
The Pinnacle Pennsylvania
United States
40° 36' 45.72" N, 75° 54' 44.64" W


roadskater's picture

It Never Always Gets Worse!

This is cool stuff, northinsouth, and I couldn't resist looking up some geo coordinates and putting them in.

I also took a look at the whereskarl site and it seems like it's going OK but perhaps he's a bit behind right now. After eebee's post about failure I was attuned to comments about the challenges. Karl had a 60 mile day (wow!), then the yesterday was in a funk and did 20. Then he had a notable visitor with a great quotation of the Yogi Berra sort, or mountain wisdom sort...

...Karl was greeted by David Horton, who has previously held the AT speed hike record, and he said it best – “It never always gets worse”. It seems that the visit from David helped, as David gave some words of encouragement to help Karl along....


It seems he's about 16% behind his goal in miles, if I understand it. You go, Karl. Roadskaters are wishing you sweet speed and healthy feet.

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