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Win Free Stuff with Skateylove in Roadskater.net May 2008 Contest Drawing (plus Previous Results)

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Hey! Here's something I hope will be fun. We're going to have a monthly Skateylove contest with a prize winner selected by drawing (or computer simulation thereof). Were I rich, we'd have amazing prizes. I'm not, so we'll do what we can!

Here's how it'll work:
  • Any site member can win. (It's free and easy for most humans to join the site.)
  • You earn one chance to win for each skateylove point you earn in a month. The first month will be this one, March, 2008.
  • Each article you post in the month earns 2 points.
  • Each comment you post in the month earns 2 points.
  • Posting an event listing earns 6 points (new, was 2). Commenting on the event earns 2.
  • Posting a photo gets 2 points.
  • Inviting a friend earns 4 skateylove points (as before), and if they join you get 8 more skateyloves (was 6).
  • If I remove articles or comments or invitations or take other actions, they may lose those points. Soddy!
  • There may be other ways of earning skateylove points which I can't remember now, but I'll always try to let you know about this.
  • Points are worth nothing of monetary or other value unless you think they are.
  • At the end of the month I'll do a drawing where you will get a chance in the drawing for each point you earned in that month.
  • There will be one winner each month, and the same person can win multiple times.
  • I can't win, nor can any of my administrative alter-egos, of course, but everyone else can.
  • I reserve the right to disallow or cancel memberships and to edit or delete content or points, but the goal is to encourage, not discourage...you probably don't want to see the content I would keep off of this site anyway.

Several prizes are in the prize selection box. The winner will get to pick ONE prize from this list (if the prize was chosen by the previous month's winner it may not be available, so please ask, if it matters to you). Thanks to Mark P and Jared I for helping me fill the initial prize box with their Tanglewood coupons, and to Eddy M as noted:

  • A set of 20 ILQ-9 Classic bearings donated by Eddy Matzger himself from Skatefarm.com and the Twincam race bearing folks.
  • A 6oz. bottle of Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant, which they say penetrates & protects with P.T.F.E.
  • A 24oz. Polar Bottle insulated water bottle with double wall and foil insulation. In various cool colors, some that match Roadskater.net jersey colors past and possible.
  • 40 Ejector CD/DVD slimcases.
  • 1 Ezetil shiny silver collapsible softside cooler (various sizes)
  • 10 Ezetil mini soft blue ice freezer packs
  • 4 Bosse flower pouches
  • 1 National Geographic Encyclopedia of Space
  • 1 Better Homes and Gardens Fast Scrapbooking book
  • 1 stuff around my house (what do you need?)
  • I may add prizes at any time, and Roadskater.net folk are encouraged to donate to the contest prizes.

Everything is always subject to anything everywhere including asteroids and anything else, but we aim to be fair and careful about what we offer here at Roadskater.net! If you think you might be about to game the system, please discuss here or privately so we can be fair to all.

Originally published: 2008-03-10 20:11:46 -0400

Updated: 2008-04-01 17:34:04 -0400

Updated most recently as noted in the file time signature. Hey! Skateylove, y'all!


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March 2008 Skateylove Contest Results

Here's a summary of March skateylove points, and the result of the drawing for the skateylove prize.

First, let me say thanks to all who contributed, and especially to MikeB, who earned the most skateylove in March aside from me, and thus earned the most chances in the drawing (38 of 138 or 27.5%). Eebee and skatey-mark followed up in second and third, and timv continued contributing important content, keeping his third-place overall skateylove total.

Again, thanks to all who posted anything, and of course for reading, too. Here are the skateylove numbers for March 2008, upon which the drawing for the prize was based...


Name 03/01/08 04/01/08 March
roadskater 1266 1370 104
MikeB 6 44 38
eebee 770 794 24
skatey-mark 286 308 22
timv 330 344 14
Bryan 4 16 12
skart 56 66 10
dtg 6 14 8
andrewinnc 80 82 2
billbus 0 2 2
dreeves 6 8 2
Elise 0 2 2
oroboyz 0 2 2


Now to address the method of the drawing. I use OpenOffice.org freeware office suite (which has a nice new still free version) on my notebook. It's great and produced documents that are readable by the other major Office suite for Windows. The Excel-like Calc program in OpenOffice has a =RANDOMBETWEEN(x;y) function. I tallied all the eligible skateylove points (roadskater being ineligible for this contest as that would be silly), which came to 138. I then made a table of ranges to determine who'd be the winner. MikeB had 38 so he got numbers 1 to 38; eebee had 24, so she got the 24 numbers from 39 to 62; &c. The table turned out like this...


Name From To
MikeB 1 38
eebee 39 62
skatey-mark 63 84
timv 85 98
Bryan 99 110
skart 111 120
dtg 121 128
andrewinnc 129 130
billbus 131 132
dreeves 133 134
Elise 135 136
oroboyz 137 138
=randombetween(1;138)   98
So the March 2008 winner is timv, whose number came up the one and only time I calculated the number. Next month the numbers will all be different of course, and yes, that means I do intend to continue to contest the each month. Hopefully I can add some more prizes for April. We'll see what prize timv picks, and I will look around and even ask around for some more stuff perhaps! Members are welcome to donate prizes and I'll credit them on the prize list as the donor if they say that's OK.
Thanks for participating, and more than anything else, thanks for sharing with the world your love of skating and cycling and charity, and your knowledge of other topics. We're skaters and cyclists, but that's not all of our lives, and some of you guys have very impressive specific knowledge and abilities you can share with the world. In the spirit of skateylove, most of that expertise and passion is welcome here. Some of our most popular articles are not about skating, but about other things entirely. Especially cool are how-to pieces, and I love when someone breaks open something and photographs the insides and shares what happened when they tried a fix. I have more of these to share when I can get to it. Also, don't forget songs and movies and other art. If you get an error message on your computer and find a fix, that's a great topic, and skatey-mark's earthlink vpn article is usually in the top 10. And my MySQL InnoDB Error article is not in the top 10 but has been read 1267 times as of this writing...and if it helped one person, that's enough...and if they read something about skating, cycling and charity, so much the better.
Check out this page for most read but not voted upon content...
Also let me stress it is a great help if you enter annual events (rides, skates, skrides) into the events calendar. Hopefully this is easy enough now but will get easier soon.

Congrats, timv! Let us know what prize you most wish to have.
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Congrats to MikeB and Eebee and Skatey-mark

That's the goofy thing about thing about drawings and lotteries and things. Despite being 4th on the list of posters and having barely a 1-in-10 chance of winning, the number that came up happened to go in my cubbyhole. Which is why I tend not to enter even free contests when it takes any initiative on my own behalf to do it.

Although as a zealous advocate of open-source software, I'm a bit pleased that OpenOffice chose me.

I got the bottle of Tri-Flow from Blake at our Tuesday Country Park skate this evening, and I plan to check it out and put a review up here on the site for all to see. I've used dozens of different oils and greases and things for all sorts of applications over the years, related to skating and otherwise, but haven't had occasion to try Tri-Flow before. I'm curious.

A tip of the hat to all who posted in March; particularly to newcomer MikeB who's been rocketing up the charts.

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thanks for the love & congrats to timv

congrats on your victory timv - we'll look forward to your Tri-Flow review for sure.  Thanks for the 'shout-out', I appreciate it.  The content and comraderie found at roadskater.net is really cool and I'm glad Blake is okay with content other than skating/cycling topics.  I've got a home computer dilemma that I might float out there soon.

Safe striding!

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April 2008 Skateylove Contest Results

Here are the results of the April Skateylove Contest. We did OK considering the powsup burned the mobo and error 500s haunted the notebook acting as server! Switching from Abyss to Apache fixed the error 500s, and after repairing the damage done by incomplete MySQL statements and squashing a number of other anomalies, things seem healed in the computer at least, and we stepped up to MySQL5 and PHP5 and Apache2.2. More PC fun to come in the days ahead but in the end I think we'll have a faster and perhaps better (whatever that means) framework on which to skate the web.

Thanks again MikeB and eebee for being in the top 3 and to all who contribute their expertise and experience. Thank you!


name pts
Apr pts %
roadskater 42 25.93%
MikeB 36 22.22%
eebee 22 13.58%
timv 10 6.17%
skart 6 3.70%
andrewinnc 6 3.70%
clairem 4 2.47%
conleeuw 4 2.47%
johnnyChen 4 2.47%
huston 4 2.47%
skatey-mark 2 1.23%
kjg 2 1.23%
Elise 2 1.23%
Bryan 2 1.23%
rsnshop 2 1.23%


Skateylove had to be recalculated from day 1 during the update so some got credit where they had not before, and I think I was robbed of some old points I earned from administrative tasks like moderating rude adverspamporpharmaposts. I'm good with it.

Based on skateylove earned, I assigned a range of target numbers for each user that earned points. The table shows everyone's target numbers:


april 2008 target pt ranges from
roadskater 1 42
MikeB 43 79
eebee 80 102
timv 103 113
skart 114 120
andrewinnc 121 127
clairem 128 132
conleeuw 133 137
johnnyChen 138 142
huston 143 147
skatey-mark 148 150
kjg 151 153
Elise 154 156
Bryan 157 159
rsnshop 160 162


So if the spin lands within your range, inclusively, you win. Here's how the spins went using the OpenOffice.org spreadsheet randbetween(1;162) function since there were 162 points accrued in April.


Roll Num Result
1 16 roadskater dq
2 162 rsnshop dq
3 41 roadskater dq
4 13 roadskater dq
5 150 skatey-mark winner


It took five rolls to win and I would have won 4 times! Wow! Why can't real life be that good (every day I mean, because surely it is sometimes).

So skatey-mark is our winner. What do you want for your prize, skatey-mark? Keep trying and hopefully everyone will win. I got more bearings and will be getting more items soon hopefully.

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